After an intense and stressful period of hard work on applications for Rounds 1 and 2, most candidates have submitted their applications and are waiting for results. Many think that this is the time to relax and rest a bit, but you should consider some of the following post-application recommendations:

-Send thank-you notes (perhaps even a small gift) to your recommenders; they were an important part of your application.

-Continue to research and collect data on the MBA programs, mainly those to which you applied. You will be able to choose between multiple offers if relevant, or consider applying to different schools if you are not accepted. Try to contact currents students at the schools and attend program events in your area.

-Work on obtaining support emails from students or graduates from a target program who will write to the admissions committee in support of your candidacy.

-Refresh your memory occasionally about what you wrote in your application in case you are invited to an interview. Go over the popular interview questions and prepare your answers.

-If you do receive an interview invitation, begin preparing for the specific interview. Check for relevant information regarding the interviewer and style of interview.

-If you happen to be in the area or you have the time and money, visit the campus. The effort can show commitment to the school and advance your candidacy. (The lower the school is ranked, the more the visit  may help.)

-If after the application submission there is a positive development in your career (promotion, new job), in your grades (GMAT, GPA, etc.) or in your activities, you may consider sending the Admission Committee an update letter.

-Make a financial plan in case you’re accepted. Check the costs of program and options for financing and aid.

-If you are accepted, work on winning a scholarship, whether through completing a scholarship application or negotiating with the school over a merit-based scholarship. Many candidates succeeded with this in the past, mainly at schools ranked 5-25. In your communications with/questions to the school, include comments about the importance of the financial consideration in your decision. You may even very gently ask whether they may be able to offer any help on this.

-Gather information about the school environment and its location; start planning your move.

Crossing fingers,
The ARINGO Research Team

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