We all know that getting into a top business school like Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, London Business School, etc. is not an easy task. And writing MBA application essays is one of the most daunting parts of the application process. So, MBA applicants are getting tempted to use AI tools and are wondering if ChatGPT can write their application essays. Well yes, ChatGPT can write your essays but NO it is not a good idea to do so.

Before we get into the details, let’s understand what exactly Chat GPT is.

Chat GPT is OpenAI’s wunderkind. OpenAI is pretty much the biggest Artificial Intelligence company/community in the world. Their whole aim is to develop friendly AIs that could benefit the world. And to be fair, they are doing exactly that 😊. Chat GPT is AI that understands and responds to text conversationally. What makes Chat GPT different from other existing AI is that it’s too…human-like. Some interesting features of Chat GPT are: It remembers conversations you have with it all too well, it straight up refuses to answer certain questions, it also admits its mistakes, etc.

Here are some reasons why ARINGO does not advise you to use ChatGPT-like AI tools for your MBA admission essays:

  1. Plagiarism: Google is already identifying “chatbot language” by analyzing patterns and statistics of language in a text. Apart from Google, tech firms and also universities are also coming up with tools like GPTZero to determine if there is a high or low indication that a bot wrote a certain text. Turnitin (an Internet-based plagiarism detectionservice used by 69% of top universities including Harvard Business School, UCLA Anderson College of Business, etc.) said they were able to detect AI writing because it’s “extremely average.” So, there is no doubt that universities will implement (or upgrade) such anti-chat bots and can detect plagiarism. Also, you may never know if someone else had already asked the same question to ChatGTP and used a similar-looking answer just like you! Doing an MBA is a serious thing. In the business world, there are countless situations where the question of integrity is going to come up. How would managers with flexible morals behave in those situations? Would poor ethics continue to guide their principles and judgment? And so, Business schools strongly feel about the applicants who indulge in plagiarism. B schools have rejected applicants for submitting plagiarized MBA essays. It’s happened in the past and it’ll continue to happen.


  1. Uniqueness: The soul of an MBA application essay is its authenticity and uniqueness. So an essay written by an AI tool might be well-written it won’t be original or personalized. MBA Admissions teams are looking for applicants that bring diversity and variety to their MBA class profiles. Essays are the best way to differentiate yourself from the herd of similar-sounding candidates. When you start using ChatGPT (or similar AI tools), you are throwing your uniqueness outside the window and limiting the scope of your thinking. You know the best about your experiences, goals, and journey. Don’t underestimate yourself!


  1. ChatGPT is not always right: To make ChatGPT human like it is programmed to do mistakes too. The ChatGPT AI tool can ‘confidently’ give a wrong answer. So, trust us- It’s not worth the risk.

It is always easier to use AI tools to generate content; however, that will always be biased and companies/search engines/universities have always found ways to detect misleading copied content. Hence, it is wise to use ChatGPT as a research tool; but copying content may do more harm than good.

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This article was written by a human 😊