Darden school of business is getting ready for the 2021 application season, and announcing several changes:

First of all, Darden continues exam flexibility. The school said it would continue to accept LSATs and MCATs as well as the Executive Assessment instead of GMAT/GRE as part of the MBA admission process.

Darden is also planning to offer more scholarships to successful applicants. The school said its new expanded scholarship offerings will be announced in July.

In addition, Darden will offer a new binding early action option for students whose first choice is Darden – Accepted applicants will be asked to pay a nonrefundable deposit and withdraw applications from other schools.

Darden’s deadlines for 2021:

Early Action: September 2, 2020

Round 1: October 5, 2020

Round 2: January 4, 2021

Round 3: April 7, 2021