GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) announced a change in the GMAT test starting July 11th 2017.

MBA and business school applicants, who are taking the GMAT exam, will now be able to choose the order of the various GMAT sections.

What are our thoughts about this change?

  • On the one hand – nothing has changed. GMAT takers will be answering the same questions, possibly in a different order…
  • On the other hand, this change can tremendously help applicants tackle the verbal and quantities sections prior to the Integrated Reasoning (IR) and Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), focusing on those two important sections without “getting too tired” while writing the AWA and the IR.

Please keep in mind, that the GMAT score is just one factor on which MBA candidates are been judged by admissions committees and business schools.
Yes, it is important to scorer well on the GMAT, but candidates will only get into to a top MBA program with a strong application covering:

  • Proven or Potential Leadership and Managerial Capabilities
  • Interesting and Meaningful Business and Personal Experiences
  • Proof of Excellency, Commitment & Motivation
  • Promotions or Unique Work Achievements
  • Interesting Extra Curriculum
  • International exposure
  • and more.

The above should be reflected by a strong CV, Essays and Letters of Recommendation.