The IMD Business School is located in Lausanne, Switzerland and is considered one of the leading programs in Europe. The school, which was formed in 1990 as a union between two institutions, does not belong to any university.

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Average Age

Class size

Acceptance Rate

Average GMAT

Average GPA

FT Ranking

Percent of Hires in Each Industry:

  • Health Care 25%
  • Technology 15%
  • Manufacturing 15%

Median Starting Salary per industry:

  • Consulting – $107K
  • Financial – $148K
  • Technology – $103K
  • Health Care – $113K
  • Manufacturing – $114K
  • Energy – $115K
  • Must show leadership.
  • Want to see international orientation as demonstrated by working & living outside of home country / international focus in career / knowledge of languages.
  • Important to show career progression (promotions).
  • Average work experience of admitted students is 7 years.
  • Better to apply early.
  • School uses outside screeners to check application accuracy.
These traits make you more likely to get accepted into IMD’s MBA program:


(4 is highest, 1 is lowest)

Leader/Manager 4
Team Player/Relationship Builder 2
Smart 3
Initiates 2
International/Cultural 3.5
Creative 2
Presentation Skills 2
Persuasion Skills 2
Community/Society 1
Risk Taker 1
Business Skills 1
Source of career plan/prog choice 2
Promotions 3
Credible Names 1
Story is unique 1
Learn more about the meaning of these traits and how they are reflected in your application.

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International Management, (General Management)

The school offers a one-year MBA program (January through December), with only 90 students, and its key strengths are general management, industry and international management.

The average age of students is relatively high, they come with substantial work experience and many graduates turn to industry jobs. The program is very intensive (classes six days a week, and once a month on weekends as well!), emphasizes leadership and experiential learning, and offers students individual leadership coaching by psychologists.

Alumni include the following individuals, with current or past positions in parentheses: Paul Bulcke (CEO of Nestle in Switzerland), Christopher Martin (Founder and CEO of Xenva in the UK), and René Müller (CEO of GMC Software AG in Switzerland).

MBA Programs Application Deadlines
  • Small (90) and highly-international class.
  • Intense, little free time.
  • Older students with more work experience (min. 3 yrs, avg. 7 yrs).
  • Emphasize hands-on, practical learning (“Real World. Real Learning.”)
  • Focus on personal leadership development.
  • High percentage of graduates take jobs in Industry, as opposed to Consulting or Finance.
  • Offers individual leadership coaching with psychologist.
  • People with significant work experience.
  • People interested in working in Europe.

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