ARINGO is proud to present two new free online calculators that will help you assess the costs and the return on Investment (ROI) of a top ranked MBA and business school degrees.

The new MBA Cost Calculator can help you figure out what the cost of an MBA at a specific business school is. Adding in your tuition fees but also simulating your living expenses costs and knowing what your final MBA cost will be will make it significantly easier to answer the question: ”how much will my MBA cost”. You need to select the MBA program you are interested in when using this calculator, as well as if you will be attending as a single or a couple and the desired lifestyle, in order to get a breakdown of the estimated expenses.

The new MBA ROI Calculator can help you figure out the latest MBA return on investment and how long will it take you to return the financial MBA investment. When using this calculator, you need to select the school you are interested in, the desired industry you want to work in after graduation, and where you intend to live. The calculator will lay out both the cost during your MBA, the cost of living and the expected earnings post your graduation and estimate how long it will take to get a return on investment on your MBA degree (in years).

These two new simulators join the ARINGO Chances Calculator helping applicants predict their acceptance chances. MBA candidates can start with the Chances Calculator, checking their predicted acceptance chances in various business schools, move to the MBA Costs Calculator , understanding the total cost of the degree + living expenses throughout their MBA degree and finish with the ROI Calculator to understand the return on investment they are expected to have post-graduation from their MBA degree. ARINGO has factored in to these calculators information from the best business schools and colleges in the world together with real data from ARINGO’s 2000 past applicants. The ARINGO team will be updating the information in these calculators regularly in order to make sure they will always help candidates and applicants figure out the MBA chances, current MBA costs and return on investment for an MBA degree.