A new Kaplan survey published last month revealed that of 204 programs, 78% of admissions committees claimed that they view GMAT and GRE scores identically. Only 18% admitted that candidates who apply with GMAT scores have preference over candidates who apply with GRE scores, and explained that they have more experience with GMAT scores and believe that the quantitative section of the GMAT better predicts candidates’ abilities to cope with the quantitative demands of MBA studies.

In addition the survey showed that 85% of MBA programs allow applicants to submit GRE scores instead of GMAT scores, a number that has risen each year since 2009, when only 24% of programs accepted the GRE.

These two findings explain the general trend shown in the survey of more MBA applicants applying with GRE scores. Last year showed a 38% increase in the number of GRE test takers who intended to apply to MBA studies. At Yale, 21% of applicants submitted GRE scores, but on the other hand more than half of the programs who participated in the survey said that no more than a tenth of candidates applied with GRE scores.

Considering the above-mentioned findings, Kaplan advises candidates to contact their target programs to check if they prefer one exam over the other. Since a number of programs do not accept the GRE or prefer the GMAT, it is still advisable to choose the GMAT since it is accepted by all programs.

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