“To Danielle and the amazing ARINGO Team,
Thanks very much for all the support and guidance you have provided throughout the application process, which most can agree is one very stressful period of 3-4 months. Everyone at ARINGO has been very prompt and professional with his/her response and that is just the kind of team you need to work with while multi tasking with applications, work and other activities. Danielle’s commitment and dedication to making sure I received timely feedback and smart suggestions was second to none and her patience to deal with me (I know I can be quite particular about the smallest seemingly useless details!) ensured I was satisfied with all my application submissions. Even the support for the interview – that Shay provided – was exceptional. He took his time to hear me out and really understand the areas I could improve upon. Prithvi also gave me very valuable insight into my application as a whole.
All in all thanks again for all your help and hope to meet you someday. For now, looking forward to Harvard Business School.”