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 ARINGO MBA Admissions Consulting has now launched an office in South Africa!!

International top business schools and Ivy League MBA programs, such as Harvard, ChicagoYale, KelloggWharton, MITStanford, Columbia, INSEAD or London Business School are becoming a more sought after alternative to local schools offering an MBA in South Africa. We are here to assist South Africans make their international MBA aspirations a reality. Our target audience is MBA applicants who do not believe the MBA schools in South Africa are the right fit for them, and believe they can get more out of their degree by taking it on abroad, in the US or at a top business school in Europe.


ARINGO is a leading MBA admission consulting company, with consultants and clients all over the world. It is the first and only international admissions consulting company to open an office in Johannesburg working with South Africans on their international MBA aspirations.

ARINGO’s clients were accepted to all of the top MBA programs in the world, including to schools such as Harvard, Wharton, Duke, INSEAD, MIT, London Business School, IESE and Kellogg with GMAT scores below 700 (see our detailed statistics here).

About our methods

ARINGO employs a round table strategy, with each consultant collecting expert opinions at the critical decision points throughout the application process. The final product is always reviewed by a second consultant (at no additional cost) to introduce a fresh perspective and ensure that it meets ARINGO’s standard of excellence and a third consultant (at no additional cost), an alumni from the exact school our candidates are applying to make sure the school specifics are mentioned. The collaboration within ARINGO’s team, which includes former admission committee members as well as experienced consultants with marketing and writing skills, contributes to the success of our clients’ applications. ARINGO offers several consulting tracks to match our candidates needs and capabilities.

ARINGO South Africa is managed by Itai Liptz, IE MBA 2015

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