A recent Businessweek article reports that according to a GMAC survey, MBA recruitment is expected to rise this year. The survey was conducted among 935 hiring companies in 50 countries and found that this year more companies plan to hire MBAs as opposed to last year (75%, versus 71% in 2012), and that they plan to recruit more graduates (an average of 14.6, as opposed to 11.4 in 2012) and even pay them more (median salary of $95,000 as opposed to $90,000 in 2012).

According to the survey, the greatest demand for MBA graduates was actually recorded in the less traditional MBA industries, like energy (86% of surveyed companies reported that they plan to hire MBA alumni as opposed to 69% last year) and health systems (89%). However, the traditional MBA sectors like consulting (79%), technology and finance also expect growth in MBA recruitment this year. U.S. companies showed the highest demand for MBA graduates, with 85% of the surveyed companies reporting that they plan to recruit MBA alumni (as opposed to only 61% in Asia and 54% in Europe).

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