Lainie Cogan

Senior Application Consultant with ARINGO since 2008

Lainie has worked with 250 ARINGO candidates and helped over 110 candidates get accepted to all top-10 MBA programs with a total of over $2,000,000 in scholarships.

Lainie’s clients were admitted to the MBA programs of Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, Wharton, Columbia, INSEAD, Kellogg, LBS, MIT, Berkeley, NYU, Tuck, Michigan, Cornell, Cornell Tech, UCLA, Duke, Texas, Yale, Georgetown, Babson, Oxford, Cambridge, IE, IESE, ESADE, Olin, City University London, Imperial College London, HEC, CEIBS, and many others.

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Lainie’s clients were offered the following scholarships:

$133,000 (Stanford), $145,000 (Wharton), $204,000 (Booth), €26,000 (HEC), €28,000 (IE), €40,000 (IESE), €22,000 (ESADE), $210,000 (Olin), $150,000 (HBS), $150,000 (Kellogg), $20,000 (Yale), $90,000 (HBS), $204,000 (Booth – Carlton), £40,000 (LBS), £75,000 (Oxford), $50,000 (Cornell Tech), $204,000 (Booth – Carlton), £25,000 (LBS), £30,000 (Oxford), $40,000 (Kellogg), $20,000 (Ross), $100,000 (Harvard), $18,000 (Wharton), $160,000 (Booth – Carlton), $160,000 (Booth – Carlton), $160,000 (Booth – Carlton), $80,000 (Booth), $100,000 (Harvard), $110,000 (Kellogg), $40,000 (Cornell Tech), $60,000 (UCLA), €15,000 (IESE), $160,000 (Booth – Carlton), $18,000 (Wharton), $30,000 (Tuck), $160,000 (Booth – Carlton), $30,000 (Kellogg), $64,000 (Harvard), $169,000 (Booth – Carlton), $70,000 (Cornell), $145,000 (Booth), $80,000 (Booth), $80,000 (Wharton), $76,000 (MIT), $35,000 (Duke), $18,000 (Wharton), $30,000 (Wharton), $170,000 (Booth – Carlton), $25,000 (MIT), $30,000 (Cornell Tech), $70,000 (Kellogg), $128,000 (Ross), $20,000 (Yale), $170,000 (Booth – Carlton), $80,000 (Columbia), $170,000 (Booth – Carlton), $120,000 (Kellogg), $128,000 (Ross).

Lainie’s verified reviews:

Lainie received her bachelor’s degree in American Studies at Columbia University, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and graduated Magna Cum Laude. She was the editor of both her high school and college newspapers and always knew she wanted to write.

Lainie’s career has followed two frequently intersecting paths. As a writer and editor, she co-authored a non-fiction book and has worked for several periodicals and news organizations, including Travel Holiday Magazine, New York Magazine, Career Insights, and the Jewish Telegraphic Service. A certified teacher, Lainie has had the privilege to work with adults and children in a variety of learning environments for almost 20 years, most recently as a teacher of writing.

Lainie has been involved with the business world through her husband, who has built his career in the field of finance.

Being a consultant at ARINGO enables Lainie to utilize her talent and experience in both writing and bringing out the best in people. She finds the best part about this job is the clients, who are always interesting and demanding.

“I like being able to help capture someone’s essence on paper. It’s exciting, like being a photographer…”

Interesting fact: Lainie and her husband are part owners of “La Terra Promessa” Winery.


Applicants’ quotes:

“It was a pleasure working with Lainie – she is delightful, professional and devoted, and the final product is excellent! Totally worth it.


“As I’m doing my final preparations before traveling (my flight is on 1/8), I wanted to thank you for all your help in the last year.

I’ve looked over my applications, and it’s clear how much you helped me understand myself better and present the best version of myself for my dream schools.

It would not have ended as it did without you, and I am grateful for your help.”


“When I spoke to Hila for the first time, she told me ‘Lainie is the best’. I didn’t understand at first how lucky I was to work with Lainie, but now I know. With help and guidance of– The Amazing Lainie as I call her, I have successfully submitted my application to Harvard.

Lainie- you the best! Thank you for everything, you are much more than what your title might suggest.  and I will miss you much.

Thanks again!”


“To Lainie and the entire ARINGO team,

I really want to thank you for the support, guidance and most importantly for the results.

Lainie was just amazing to work with, I feel that she really managed to help me represent myself in the best way possible. Throughout the process she was always there for me, brainstorming ideas with me, connecting me to relevant people and making me feel as I’m her only client (I wasn’t).

ARINGO has an amazing process, making sure that the application submitted will be in its best form. 

In retrospect, after getting into a couple of top schools, and receiving a significant scholarship from one, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. Thank you so much!”


“After receiving rejections on my first round of applications, I decided to start working with ARINGO, in the goal of finding a different approach and be accepted to a top school.

I was so lucky to work with Lainie as my consultant. Not only was she was extremely professional, but also very supportive throughout the whole process. From day one she set clear time-lines, was very attentive and revised my essays and resume as many times as needed. This was very important to me.

In addition, the whole team of ARINGO was exceptional. Shimri always let me feel as if I was their top priority. Hila gave me the best and most professional interview preparation.

Personally, I recommend ARINGO to anyone who starts this process.”


“Lainie & Shimri,
You all were so willing, attentive and professional in carving my path to this MBA.
I have no doubt I wouldn’t have done it as well without your dedicated help.
The entire team’s personal, caring and authentic support was felt from the very start and so the process was positive in addition to it being so effective.
I would recommend these services to anyone who has their heart set on a specific programme that is hard to be accepted into.”

“To ARINGO team and especially to Lainie Cogan,

Lainie is the best consultant that I could have asked for, and she was the perfect match for me (with that being said, three friends of mine worked with her in the same season and they will tell you the same).

Lainie was there not only for the a professional conversations that helped my arranging my ideas and improve my essays, but also for personal chats that relaxed me before the deadline. She was there to revise the 20th draft of each essay and also to connect me with her previous client to brainstorm some ideas. Throughout the process, Lainie was very open-minded, patient and attentive, and always had a creative idea that brought an added value. She is a true professional!

Lainie, I would like to thank you for your help along the way, which eventually led me to Booth with a full scholarhip. I know that the result wouldn’t be the same without your help.

And for those who are still deliberating, if you feel that you need some guidance, I can honestly say that Lainie kept to her word from our first meeting – she helped me “bringing my better self to paper”.

Thank you Lainie, and we’ll keep in touch.”


“Dear Lainie,
I’m sending this email to express my utter appreciation for the amazing work you have done, so thank you!
Thank you for never getting tired of redrafting my essays.
Thank you for making me feel fortunate to write my HBS essay when I couldn’t bear the thought of writing another essay from scratch.
Thank you for helping me apply to 6 different top notch schools in the first round, even though at times I didn’t believe it would be possible.
Thank you for your first rate writing and counseling skills.
Thank you for helping me get 5 interview invitations.
Thank you for your availability, helping me with my post interview reflection essay with no advance notice.
Thank you for helping me get accepted to HBS(!!!!!) and CBS (with decisions yet to be received from 3 other schools).
And most important – thank you for being you!
No matter what you say – I really couldn’t have done this without you!”


Overall, I had a great experience with Lainie. I would even call it fun! Lainie was AMAZING in terms of essays, LORs and CV. I was very happy with her – great edits, timely turnaround, good communication.”


Very happy with Lainie, she is making a great effort to arrive at good turnaround times. Very satisfied with expertise and professionalism.


“Lainie is great! very responsive. She helped me work at a very fast pace without compromising on the quality.