Chaya Benyamin

Senior Application Consultant with ARINGO since 2016

Chaya has worked with 74 ARINGO clients. ARINGO clients who worked with Chaya were admitted to the MBA programs at Columbia, INSEAD, LBS, Kellogg, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley Haas, Wharton, Cornell Johnson, Cornell Tech, Chicago Booth, Duke, Yale, UCLA, USC, NYU Stern, Ross, Darden, HEC, IE, IESE, Oxford, LSE, Georgetown, McCombs, Cambridge, and more, and were offered scholarship such as:

$60,000 {Harvard}
$204,000, $210,000, $210,000, $90,000 {Booth}
$145000 {Wharton}
$6000, $20,000, $40,000 {Cornell Tech}
$70,000 {Kellogg}
€15,000, €20,000 {IESE}
£20,000 {LBS}
€16,000 {HEC}
€13,600, €20,400 {IE}
$20,000 {Duke}
$40,000 {Ross}
$100,000 {Anderson UCLA}
$100000 {Haas}
$40,000, $35,000 {Yale}

Chaya Benyamin is an experienced writer, editor, and higher education professional who began honing her expertise in international admissions as an Admissions Officer with University of the People, where she became an expert on admissions standards and protocols from universities around the world. As Program Director for the International MA in Middle Eastern Studies at Tel Aviv University, Chaya was head of recruitment and admissions. This experience helped her to develop a wide view of competition among international students in the global arena, which she uses to help her clients present applications with a competitive edge.

Chaya graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of Nevada, Las Vegas, with a BA in English Language and Literature. Her passion for stories and storytelling lead her to try her hand at academic consulting, where she excels at helping candidates realize how their unique experiences relate to their goals, and helping them translate those experiences and emotions into meaningful text.

Chaya’s clients have been accepted to various graduate programs across the US and Canada.

“The personal statement is not merely a story with a beginning, middle and end, but rather, it is a story that leads to a beginning:  It is the opening chapter in a new phase of a person’s life. For this reason, I believe the personal statement is the most important piece of reflective writing a person does in life, and I hold the process of writing it in extremely high regard.”

Clients’ quotes:

Chaya, Shimri and ARINGO team,

Now that I have made up my mind and chose UCLA as my MBA school, I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on this crazy period and thank you!

First, I wanted to express my gratitude to Chaya, with her incredible sensitivity and the amazing ability to recognize and highlight the meaningful parts of my stories. Chaya helped me to arrange my thoughts, define clearly my goals and eventually phrase them accurately into perfect paragraphs. In each iteration I was amazed by the progress done and how pleased I was with the results. My husband and I called it Chaya’s magic fingers!

During the intense time of preparation to the application deadlines, it felt as if Chaya was my older sister. She didn’t only advise and consult me, but also encouraged me to dream bigger, to “think like a boy” and not underestimate myself by keeping my dreams ‘realistic’.

Chaya managed to find the right way to challenge me to improve, to find just one more example or one more topic to add. I got so comfortable with Chaya and her motivation chats that I found myself consulting with her about almost anything, and in the end, I was truly sad when the application process was over.

I wasn’t always an easy applicant, defining stricter timelines than the ones the schools requested, scheduling interview preparations from the other side of the world, with bad WIFI connection.. But Chaya was always patient and relaxed, positive about my progress and my chances.

I want to thank you Chaya, for being available over the phone, WhatsApp, Skype and face to face meetings, helping me with any doubt I had and calming me down (which is not an easy task!). Thanks to your wonderful work I aimed high and got in to all 5 schools (4 with scholarships!) I have applied to, a situation I didn’t even dream was possible, especially with my less than average GMAT score.

I also wanted to thank you Shimri, and the rest of the ARINGO team, for recognizing Chaya as the right mentor and consultant for me. Thank you also for always being on guard to focus us into the timelines and verifying constantly that we are on the right track to success, I couldn’t have done it without you all!”


“I just got an notice from Johnson that I was admitted with $6K/year. Very excited! Thank you so much for your help! I wouldn’t have the same result without you. Thank you!!!”


“Chaya is great, she has great notes and she is very nice and responsive. She has good ideas and advice.”


“Now that I’ve officially accepted INSEAD’s offer, I’d like to thank you for your professionalism, hard work, and support! Chaya, we had 3 weeks to prepare Cornell-Tech’s application from scratch, during which I had a business trip and you fell ill for a few days, yet we still managed to meet the deadline! I especially loved how you put a lot of effort into getting to know me personally, which led to you “branding” me as the photography enthusiast – we kept following that line for the rest of my applications as well. I truly appreciate your patience during that time – I know I was a bit (very) demanding. Thank you again!”

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