Hadas Sparfeld

Senior Consultant
Anderson School of Management graduate

Hadas graduated from the full-time MBA program at UCLA Anderson in 2014.  She was admitted to the program with a full-tuition fellowship – which is only granted to two students every year.

For her undergraduate, Hadas studied Law and Economics at the Tel Aviv University. She completed a commercial law internship at Yigal Arnon & Co., Law Firm and passed the Israeli bar exam to become a certified attorney. She then worked for two years as a tax consultant at Ernst & Young.

During her time at Anderson, Hadas was the only international student who received internship offers in the sports industry- she did her summer internships with the NBA team, the Memphis Grizzlies, as well as with the business development department of the 4th largest sports news website in the U.S: Bleacher Report.

Hadas stayed in Los Angeles after graduation and today works at Hager Pacific Properties – a private real estate investments firm with a portfolio valued nearly $2 billion. As a member of the acquisitions team, she specialized in industrial real estate.

Since starting her studies at Anderson, Hadas has helped numerous MBA applicants from around the world get into Anderson, Haas, Stanford, Columbia, Harvard, Chicago, Kellogg, Wharton, and many other top MBA programs.

Hadas Sparfeld

Applicants’ quotes:

Hadas was a great consultant for UCLA. I thought she was very intuitive in grasping things and asked a lot of probing questions based on what I was telling her which helped her tailor my resume/essays even better. I feel like Hadas found many ways to improve my resume and just quantify things to give me credit for what I did. I also feel like I was almost being too humble in some cases! Also her essay help, was needed to add some personal touches to why I really want to go to UCLA and she helped tie my background into the essay which was good, but focused a lot on my future goals without connecting the two. in a nutsheel, THANKS Hadas. I just got a call from Anderson, and I am in!!!”

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