Along with its annual rankings of U.S. MBA programs, US News also listed the 10 programs to which it is hardest to gain acceptance. The data was gathered for the sake of the rankings and was submitted by the schools.

Candidates submitted 130,000 applications to Full-time MBA programs for 2011-2012, but less than half (46.9%) were admitted. The average acceptance rates among the ten most selective programs stands at 15%, and they were all ranked between 1-11 in this year’s general rankings.
The most selective program was Stanford that accepted only 7% (466) of 6,618 candidates who applied. In second place was Harvard with 11.1% (1,013 candidates were accepted of 9,134).

Here are spots 3-10:
Berkeley– 12.2%
MIT Sloan– 13.3%
NYU Stern– 13.6%
Columbia– 15.9%
Tuck– 17.9%
Wharton– 18.8%
Yale– 19.1%
Kellogg– 21.1%

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Put Me in Business (applying in more than a year)