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Did You Know? MBA Trivia Facts

  1. In most cases, a recommendation from a professor will not improve your admission chances to top MBA programs.
  2. The term “Admission Driver” was invented in ARINGO in 2004.
  3. Nike’s founder, Phil Knight, is an MBA graduate from Stanford. Stanford’s admission committee made a smart move in 1962: in 2006, Knight donated $105M to the school.
  4. A 2014 research showed that the average scholarship for a Stanford MBA student is $35,830, higher than in any other school. The school with the total highest scholarship budget is HBS – $31.5M.
  5. The ‘photocopies‘ tool was developed in ARINGO in 2004 after a candidate who came up with the idea was admitted to HBS.
  6. In addition to reading the application, the admission committee also looks at the candidates’ profiles on social networks to learn more about them. Therefore it is recommended to keep a clean respectful profile.
  7. Each year HBS admits candidates with GMAT score of around 600.
  8. Two of Europe’s leading MBA programs, INSEAD and LBS, will consider accepting a candidate without undergraduate degree, as long as they have and impressive work experience.
  9. Since its inception, ARINGO’s heavy investment in research (over 3,000 man hours and counting) has yielded a collection of invaluable resources for our clients.
  10. Most MBA programs will accept one extra recommendation in addition to the required number of recommendations.
  11. Each year Wharton and INSEAD admits candidates with a GPA of around 2.0.
  12. Some schools run background checks on candidates to verify information they wrote on their applications, including employment and salary data, grades and details of recommenders.
  13. A new feature in the GMAT exam which was introduced in June 2014 allows test takers to see their unofficial score right after finishing the test (before leaving the test center) and decide on the spot if they want to report the score to the school or cancel it. Schools will not be able to see cancelled scores.
  14. MBA programs of MIT Sloan and Yale SOM don’t require an English test score from candidate whose native language is not English.
  15. MBA programs of Olin business school and USC Marshall don’t require letters of recommendations.
  16. Several MBA programs (MIT, Kellogg, Yale, Rotman, LBS, INSEAD, IE, Oxford) added a new component into their admission process in the past few years – video questions: candidates are required to record themselves answering the questions which they are given on the spot without preparation.
  17. The McCombs MBA program allows applicants to use recommendations from their LinkedIn profile in their MBA applications.
  18. The MBA programs of Wharton and Ross conduct group interviews for candidates, in addition to the personal admission interviews.
  19. Fuqua MBA program is offering a new certificate in data analytics called Management Science and Technology Management (MSTeM). This certificate will require the completion of eight electives. International students who complete this certificate and go into a job that is relevant to the field of study can get 36 months of work authorization, even prior to applying for the H1B. There are no additional costs to the certificate and it can be completed within the 2 years of fulfilling the MBA program.
  20. The MBA programs of HBS, Ross, CMU Tepper and NYU Stern accept the Duolingo English Test instead of the TOEFL/IELTS.
  21. In 2020, during the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, it was made possible to take the GMAT, GRE & TOEFL from home. This option is supposed to remain available in the future but candidates should check if the programs to which they are applying are accepting the “home” version of these tests.
  22. You are never too young to apply! – Many top programs (HBS, Stanford, Wharton, Kellogg, Booth, Columbia, MIT) have a deferred enrollment option, allowing young candidates to apply immediately after their undergraduate degree or at their final year of study, but defer their enrollment and use the time to gain more work experience.
  23. You are never too old to apply either! – there are several programs for more experiences candidates. These are full-time one year EMBA programs for candidates with at least 10 years of work experience.
  24. Several top MBA programs accept the Executive Assessment test instead of GMAT/GRE, including CMU Tepper, Columbia business school, Duke Fuqua, MIT Sloan, NYU Stern, Virginia Darden and more.

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