General Management MBA Programs

General Management MBA programs are considered the standard and traditional MBA programs, and are usually the most popular. General Management MBA programs concentrate on providing individuals with general business administration knowledge and comprehensive insight into the core elements of business, preparing the student for a managerial position in many fields and industries. Such programs are designed for individuals wanting a broad, yet in-depth overview of business topics, enabling them to enter into any number of management roles. Unlike a specialized MBA program, traditional MBA programs include courses the focus on both the internal functional operations of an organization and on the external relationships affecting business operations. Courses may vary from program to program, but one can expect to learn about finance, leadership, marketing, operations & strategic management, accounting, and business ethics. This path may also be suitable for business majors unsure of what specialization to pursue.

A very important focus of the general management/strategy MBA degree is leadership. This MBA program involves rigorous training, a variety of assignments, reports, presentations, and group projects, all of which are geared to equip the future manager with the necessary abilities to deal with real-life business situations.

A General Management MBA focuses on the skills and knowledge needed to develop the business strategy that enables managers to diagnose situations, make strategic choices and execute their plans and objectives. A strategy MBA prepares you to work in strategic consulting, general management and strategic finance roles. While these jobs require the perspective of a generalist, you also need to know how to create superior performance in a competitive environment. This is why you need to have knowledge of marketing, finance or operations and how these things support a strategy. General managers will also need to have strong leadership skills in order to supervise and work with their teams effectively.

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