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  • At the end of each meeting, ask your application consultant: “What should I prepare for the next meeting?” The more prepared you are for your meetings, the shorter and more efficient they are.
  • The full ARINGO process is a thorough one; however it does not suit everyone in terms of cost. If your budget is limited, consider working with ARINGO thoroughly on one university application, and on the others, consider working independently. After all, the work done on the first application usually builds the foundation for the subsequent university applications.
  • Following the Essay Outline Stage (see: The Essay Preparation Process), your task is to write the first essay draft and send it to your consultant for comments and editing. Usually, the schools set a word limit (for example, 500 words) for each essay. The closer the first draft is to the word limit, the less time your consultant will have to spend on it.
  • Usually, when a client sends a document to the consultant for editing/commenting, the consultant edits the document independently and then sends it back to the client. However, occasionally, clients prefer to actually be present (either in person or over the phone) when the consultant edits the document. We recommend you consider this option. Some of our clients find it more efficient as it allows them better control over the cost.
  • It is recommended to perfectly complete one recommendation-example for one school before starting to work on the next recommendation (by the same recommender) for another school. This normally assures that the recommendation versions are managed more efficiently.

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  • At ARINGO, being shy does not lead to results! If you wish for things to be done differently, make sure you communicate this to your consultant. If you have any concerns or if you are unhappy with the process, please communicate your concerns to your consultant clearly, directly and immediately.
  • Please note: If our consultants come across false information in any of your documents, they are required to report it to their ARINGO manager. If your consultant finds that you saw the actual recommendation that your recommender sent, the consultant is required to report it to his or her ARINGO manager (if your recommender is working with your ARINGO consultant on your recommendations, then your recommender should send the recommendation directly to your consultant without you seeing it).
  • While working on the essays and recommendations, some ARINGO clients prefer working in “marathon-mode” (half a day straight) with their consultant. Some clients report that they find this helpful in focusing on the tasks at hand. Consider taking a day off work to work in “marathon-mode” with your consultant.
  • Some of our clients find that conducting the work with the application consultant in-person or over the phone/Skype is more efficient than via email.
  • Most application consultants (also the ones at ARINGO) prefer to conduct the work the furthest away from the deadline (the earlier the better). This allows the consultant to fully focus his/her attention on you and your application. It also ensures maximum availability of our different application experts. The consultant’s workload normally increases during the 2 weeks before the deadline. As a result, response speed may decrease. It is recommended that you plan your work schedule accordingly.
  • Once you start working on your second university application, you will find that there were things you could have done better in the first application. This is natural. Therefore, we usually advise our clients to complete the work on the first application about 2 months prior to the official deadline. This way, you will have additional time to work on improving your first application, and will be able to submit it 1 week ahead of the deadline.
  • Some MBA programs ask their applicants to interview before submitting their application. Please check this policy on the admissions’ page on the school website (or discuss this with your ARINGO consultant), to make sure you perform the interview on time.
  • Create your username and password in the Online Application System of the schools you are applying to (if you haven’t yet done so). An early acquaintance with the school’s system can help you submit a strong, complete application on time.
  • In order to optimize your work with ARINGO, we recommend that you disable the balloon option in your Track Changes settings on Microsoft Word.
  • Please also read about our ARINGO Liability and Monetary Compensation Policy so that you are able to use if needed (though we hope that will not be the case).

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