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GMAT Waiver Request Essays

In 2020 and 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many top MBA programs (MIT, Darden, Ross, NYU, Kelley, Cornell, Tepper, UNC and more) started to offer candidates to apply without GMAT or GRE score. Some MBA programs require submission of a GMAT waiver request, which usually requires a short essay explaining why the candidate is entitled to the waiver. See below some essay examples for GMAT waiver requests.

List of top MBA programs that offered GMAT waivers for 2022 intake

List of top MBA programs that offered GMAT waivers for 2023 intake

gmat waiver

In light of the high scores I earned in my BA in Business Administration and Accounting, my credential as a certified public accountant, and more than seven years of professional experience in finance and accounting at large multinational companies, I humbly request a waiver on the GMAT exam.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to gain professional experience in corporate finance while studying toward my bachelor’s degree, working part-time as a Financial Controller at _______. After graduation, my experience and education allowed me to step into a mid-level position at ____ as a Senior Associate, where I led audits on complex accounts. At _______, quantitative analysis is the main component of my role. I formulate tax strategy for the company’s dealings in over 80 countries, direct foreign currency hedging, and produce and present quarterly reports and forecasts for the C-suite and board of advisors that underpin the company’s strategy.

Dear Admissions Committee,

This letter is to request a waiver of the GMAT requirement for my admission into the EMBA program. Throughout my career, I have been working in positions that required strong analytical skills.

During my eight years in the banking sector, my daily responsibilities included financial analyses and prognoses of corporate clients, as well as the financial and statistical analysis of various business sectors. As an investment banker, my duties, as well as special interests, included company valuation and analysis of value drivers in different sectors.

For the last 14 years, first as CFO and currently as CEO of a retail company, I have conducted many principal changes that were based on extensive analyses. For example, based on my analyses, we gave up 20% of our professional customers and decreased our employed capital, by turning positive working capital to negative. The result was an XX% increase in our annual profits. Another important analytical area of my job includes regularly working with large databases, to search for patterns in the optimal pricing and best customer segmentation.

Based on these examples, I believe that I have sufficient analytical skills to meet the requirements of the EMBA program.



Dear Admissions Committee,

I would like to request a waiver of the GRE exam requirement, as I can demonstrate evidence of sufficient quantitative and verbal skills.


Prior to medical school, I participated in the university’s intensive, year-long preparatory program, studying linear algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and probability. I graduated with the highest honors, first in my class out of over 200 students, and received a scholarship for the first year of medical school. As a freshman, I was selected to teach in that very same program.

Additionally, during medical school, my courses included chemistry, physics, and statistics, each relying heavily on quantitative analyses. For my final thesis, I heavily employed data analysis and statistical models.


During medical school, our large volume of reading material was in English, and we regularly presented summaries and conclusions before the class. I also wrote two major research theses, which required reading, absorbing, and incorporating a great deal of data in English. Currently, I am co-writing a scientific article in English with two doctors.

Regarding critical thinking abilities, during my medical internship, I was trained to draw conclusions from partial information, prioritize quickly and distinguish between the important and the unimportant.

I thank you for your consideration.



COVID-19 has delayed my efforts to take the GMAT, and those delays have cut severely into the time that I had scheduled to prepare and study. I cannot do anything that will damage my ability to function at the highest capacity professionally; I owe that to my workplace.

That is why I am so intensely grateful for the opportunity to apply to your program without the exam. I would like the committee to consider my work experience within the aerospace sector over the past 3 years, working in the Algorithm and Innovation Department in collaboration with the Aerospace Industries quantum physicists, in assessing my quantitative and reasoning skills.

Moreover, during my 6 years in _____, I have worked extensively in the English language, including hundreds of pages of professional materials in English. I currently present to customers, write characterization documents, and communicate with clients abroad, all in English.  I know that, given the opportunity, I will flourish at your program.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.