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Comparing MBA rankings can help MBA applicants sort out business schools and MBA programs that suit them best, based on a number of different criteria. Several different authoritative financial players such as the Economist, US News, Financial Times, Forbes, Business Week and others rank MBA programs annually and weigh in several different factors, such as employment rates, student selectivity, reputation and more when doing so.

The ARINGO staff has gathered top MBA rankings from several different sources, as well as added criteria of our own to create the below combined ranking of business schools. Applicants can therefore narrow down their search for the most suitable MBA program for them based on both general rankings and specific factors such as average age, average GMAT score, acceptance rate and more.

Please note that the rankings below are the MBA rankings for 2019 and that the list will be updated when changes in ranking occur and that it is a list of full time MBA rankings.


Top MBA Programs in the U.S.:

Full Time MBA ProgramARINGO Combined RankingEconomist
US News
EnrollmentAverage GMATSpecializationsGeneral
Weighted Salary US$
Harvard1323331872730General Management, Strategy, Marketing, Nonprofit11%172k
Stanford251212824732Entrepreneurship, General Management, e-Business, Nonprofit6%185k
Chicago3173571180726Finance, Economics, Accounting24%158k
Wharton4441211715728Finance, Entrepreneurship, Accounting20%177k
Kellogg52146841272724Marketing, General Management21%162k
Columbia61096761287716Finance, International Management18%169k
Berkeley71110669502715e-Business, Technology, Corporate Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship13%169k
MIT8168348806713Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, Production/Operations15%159k
Tuck9121512195563716General Management, Corporate Strategy23%156k
Yale10141191113668720Nonprofit, Corporate Social Responsibility21%152k
Darden1192312911656706General Management, Corporate Ethics28%147k
Duke121519101514894697Marketing, General Management23%144k
Michigan13728101812836702Corporate Strategy, General Management28%144k
UCLA14826161715725714Entrepreneurship, Finance20%140k
Cornell152027151010535700Accounting, CSR/Ethics32%142k
NYU161725121321799721Finance, Media & Entertainment20%150k
UNC173052192316558710Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility34%128k
Tepper183335171218417691Production/Operations, IT/Information Systems31%136k
McCombs192537192217543694Accounting, Information Systems30%134k
Emory202938212423345677General Management, Marketing30%127k
Kelley213643212825372668Marketing, Entrepreneurship29%119k
Georgetown224829242035519692Marketing, International Management43%130k
USC232846171333438690Entrepreneurship, Accounting, International Management29%128k

Top MBA Programs in Europe:

FT 2019EnrollmentAverage GMATGeneral Acceptance RateWeighted Salary $USSpecializations
IESE (Spain)1256368325%140kGeneral Management, CSR/Ethics
IMD (Switzerland)229067030%157kInternational Management, General Management
INSEAD (France)3102470131%166kInternational Management, Entrepreneurship
LBS (UK)640969826%154kFinance, International Business
ESADE (Spain)2131067061% 132kEntrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility
Cambridge – Judge
1615768030% 156kEntrepreneurship, Corporate behavior, Corporate Strategy
31108968034% 159kEntrepreneurship, International management, e-Business
HEC Paris
1929468920% 134kStrategy, Marketing
Oxford – Said
1337069232% 136kEntrepreneurship, International Management, Corporate Social Responsibility
SDA Bocconi (Italy)3110066538% 122k


Top MBA Programs in Asia:

FT 2019EnrollmentAverage GMATWeighted Salary $US
HKUST18123 NA149k
ISB24886 NA148k

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