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Masters Programs

Masters Programs are suitable for young candidates who obtained their undergraduate degree but have no substantial work experience. Many top ranked business schools offer Masters degrees or Master of Science programs in finance, management, fintech, business analytics, marketing, financial economics, accounting, financial engineering and more.

Masters in Management is an alternative to an MBA for those who lack working experience, as applicants for MBA programs are required to have at least 3 years working experience or more in order to be considered for admission.

Masters in Finance is a postgraduate program preparing graduates for careers in Finance and may be positioned as a professional degree. The length of the program is usually between one and two years, depending on the school.

Master in FinTech is at the heart of the new digital ecosystem emerging across financial services. With the development of fast-growing financial technologies and the fact that businesses are becoming more consumer-oriented, there is a pressing need for experts who possess a wide range of FinTech skills.


Masters in Business Analytics teach students business related created data analysis, as well as how one can apply the insights and results from business analytics into real business settings. These skills are increasingly important today as the business world is becoming more data-driven and analytical day by day.

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