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The following MBA programs are arranging MBA admissions events in the near future. Filter according to country, city, date or school and find MBA events that you can attend in a location convenient for you.


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Why you should attend MBA admission events

MBA admissions events can be beneficial for MBA applicants in several different ways. For starters, they give the applicant the chance to learn more about the program that they are interested in, which will make it easier to choose the most appropriate schools to apply to. We’ve heard of many cases where an MBA applicant has completely changed their mind about a specific business school or MBA program after attending one of these events.

The more the applicant knows about the program and school in question, the better they will also be able to demonstrate a good fit with the school and program. Sometimes certain aspects are not covered in the presentations of the schools and MBA programs that are available online, so attending one of these events in order to find out more about things that are not completely clear to you is recommended as it can be difficult to get very thorough answers from the schools using other channels.
Some applicants also use these events as an opportunity to make a good impression on an admissions representative or former student and that may be very difficult to do outside of these events in a natural way. If you are interested in building connections with people at a specific business schools, these events are therefore your best bet.

We’ve also heard that some applicants find it good for their motivation to size up the competition!

How to make the most of MBA admission events

First of all: go with a plan! You need to find out if the business schools you are considering and/or are interested in will even be attending, and you also need to know where to go as many MBA admissions events are huge. Do not plan to talk in depth to more than 5 or 6 different business schools, as that generally will not be possible.

Second of all, write down the questions you want to ask each school. You should make sure that you ask both questions about things you need to know as well as questions that help you make an impression.

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