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Since my previous application to Tuck in January 2021, I have worked towards achieving my long-term goal of globally expanding the reach of my family firm. In my new role as Assistant General Manager, I spearheaded our global expansion into North America’s Southeast.

After a myriad of cold calls and zoom presentations, I was able to win our first order with a company based in North Carolina, to manufacture sticker labels for their new range of sanitizers. I coordinated the entire deal, from determining the price-per-label to overseeing the manufacturing of the trial rolls and finally dispatching their first order. This successful pilot and the client’s positive feedback gave me the confidence to expand our marketing and sales operations in the USA. While I have learned a great deal at my job, I continue to believe that a Tuck MBA with its close-knit community will allow me to build a deeper global network and help me expand our family business across the world much more rapidly. The last year also gave me a chance to reflect more on my goals and identify the specific skills I needed to develop. Speaking with recent Tuck graduates and hearing of their recruitment experience, I personally have become more inclined to seek the position of Assistant Marketing Manager at Ecolab or to join the GMDP program at Danaher. I intend to develop key skills in managing diverse global teams, building sustainable processes, and networking with industry leaders to help me achieve my long-term goal. While at Tuck, I have also added a few things to my must-attend bucket list such as attending the Communicating with Presence elective with Prof. Rice, which will help me become a more energetic, active communicator.

Dear Fuqua Admissions Team,
If there is one thing, I’ve learned over the past two years is to be flexible and open-minded while keeping an eye on your goals.
I applied to Fuqua during Round 2 for the Fall 2021 start and was wait listed. It stung a little to get wait listed again in Round 1 this cycle, but ultimately, my goal is to join Team Fuqua, so I am looking for new ways to share my fit and readiness for the program.
While simultaneously applying for MBA programs, COVID hit. I felt a strong sense of responsibility to help keep my family business intact and more importantly support our employees. It was a suggestion from one of my team members that ultimately pushed us to pursue and secure a route to become qualified as an essential business and able to resume operations during lock down.
This experience was eye-opening. Being in a family business, it is easy for everyone to stay in their typical roles. As the youngest executive, I’m always seen as the idea man, but what we, and I, as the future of the company, need is create an environment where everyone is part of the brainstorm and the solution. This is what makes Fuqua the ideal MBA for me. I need to immerse myself in an environment where we are constantly learning and leveraging each other’s strengths in new and dynamic ways, applying it to new sectors and functions.
Beyond my passion and desire to join Team Fuqua, I also want to provide a bit of clarity to my career goals and networking I have done over the past few months.
Since my application to Fuqua, I have reached out to several Senior Product Managers at Amazon Retail, Devices and Advertising teams. I have also leveraged the network of my sister to reach out to recruiting managers at Amazon. Speaking to them I learned about their rigorous interview process and the skills they look for in an MBA student. In my recent conversation with a Senior PM at Amazon Devices, she shared with me that my customer-facing experiences make me a suitable candidate for a Senior PM position at Amazon and that she’d be happy to help me secure an internship with her team.
I am also keen to immerse myself in the community of Fuqua, joining and contributing to the Marketing Club, INDUS and joining the Tech Trek in the fall. I look forward to joining others on hikes as part of BOLD and hopefully traveling abroad to Japan in the spring. I have longed to be a part of a community since I returned from my stint in Nigeria. The relationships I built there will last a lifetime, as will the bond of my batch mates at Fuqua.

Dear Admissions Committee,

My disappointment at being wait listed notwithstanding, I have been proactively working towards improving my candidacy for admission to the MBA program at Tepper.

I am happy to report that in addressing  my modest performance on the quantitative section of the GMAT, I have completed MBA Math quantitative course with 90% accuracy. Given the time constraints of the MBA application cycle, I felt this was the optimum option (rather than retaking the exam) to demonstrate my improved quantitative literacy.

The course has also enabled me to learn new skills such as proficiency in using financial calculator and connecting between financial statements, which I started employing in my current position. As a result, I am better equipped to manage cash flow systems as well as undertake statistical analyses of marketing budgets for my projects. This has come in especially handy in the absence of my direct supervisor who left on maternity leave last month. Senior management requested that I increase my KRAs as the interim, as well manage a team of six cross-functional direct reports.

On a personal front, I am happy to report that I have been appointed l chair of a local Women’s Entrepreneur commission. In this role, I will be able to both network with women entrepreneurs as well as conduct outreach to broaden existing networks. As part of this commission, for example, we are outlining plans to help women diversify their business strategies by tapping into platforms such as Etsy (which only recently came to India) and Amazon ‘Karigar’, both of which aim to empower local businesses.

Lastly, as part of my research to get to know the culture and ethos at Tepper, I have been in regular contact with current student ambassadors – Khushboo Bhanushali and Lucas Bernat Miralles who have been extremely generous with their time and support during this stressful time, and under whose guidance I have been able to identify these additional steps to improve my application.

As President of the Media and Entertainment Club, Lucas, in particular, has been able to give me a first-hand account of the workings and grounded realities of the Entertainment industry, a field that I am most interested to join in the long term. As a result of regular discussions, I am much clearer about the trajectory I want in my career and am convinced that Tepper remains unparalleled in terms of the means and opportunities that would be available to me in this exciting next phase of my marketing career journey.

I sincerely hope that these additional application materials will demonstrate my continued commitment and interest in becoming a part of the CMU family, and my ability to be successful in the MBA program.


Harvard University

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