Alon Fried

Senior Consultant
LBS MBA graduate

ARINGO client who worked with Alon were admitted to the MBA programs at Oxford, LBS, Duke, Judge, IESE, IE, HULT, Ross, Darden, Cornell and many others with the following scholarships:

Duke – $100,000

Judge – £30,000

IESE – €20,000

HULT – $10,000

Alon is an experienced MBA Admissions Consultant helping 10s of candidates get into the top schools and MBA programs in Europe and the US.

Alon comes from an Economics background and before his London Business School MBA worked in consulting. After his Unilever internship, Alon decided that post-MBA he wishes to move to operations, and he worked at Vodafone for 3.5Y as a Global Sales Performance  Manager.

Currently, Alon works as a real estate investor, running a family real estate fund, focusing on the UK residential market.

Alon specializes in working with senior, tech, finance, and consulting background candidates on all top EU and US  programs. He enjoys the strategizing and writing process of helping candidates maximize their potential during their admissions.

Alon Fried

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