“I’ve just submitted my MIT application, closing (for now, hopefully) a few months of process.

When Shimri first introduced Danielle, he said she’s amazing – well’ that’s a huge understatement. Truth is, it’s easy to say she’s professional, experienced and super-detailed, but to me, it was her attitude that helped me push forward. She knows when to drive you, when to hold back a bit, and how to provide the feedback that I NEED for every product on the way – doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of the night or Friday morning – and to describe her POV to get everything into the right proportions when different opinions came up from other consultants.

Above all – SHE CARES. she really does. I always felt like the only candidate in the world, and that says it all.

I feel that I couldn’t ask for a better mentor for this process, I’m proud of our end-products, each of them – and I had fun along the way.”