The ARINGO Responsiveness Standards

Read this page carefully to increase your chances of meeting deadlines

When you request work or ask a question:
The consultant will normally send you the answer/document within 2-3 business days.
If a second opinion is needed: normally, 3-4 business days.

When you request a meeting/phone meeting:
The consultant will normally meet with you within the 4 days following the day of your request.
The consultant will offer you at least 1 meeting option before 8am or after 6pm or on a Friday.

Unscheduled telephone calls:
You may call the consultant until 9pm during business days.
If the consultant is unable to answer, leave a message clearly stating the issue.
Then, the above responsiveness guidelines will apply.

Important Notes
1. Please review the compensation rules for cases of service delay.
2. “Business days” – do not include Friday, Saturday, holidays, consultant medical emergency and vacation days published in advance.
3. In general, during the months February-August, the responsiveness level is likely to be higher.

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