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Firstly, sports. I am an avid football and basketball fan; I play football weekly and love to watch games from the European leagues. Also, over 4 years ago, I made a drastic lifestyle change, committing to a serious regimen of nutrition and exercise. I stay well-informed about the former, and for exercise, I go to the gym 5 times a week. I am excited at the prospect of joining the Sport Knowledge Center team, organizing and participating in sports events, as well as sharing and expanding my love, knowledge and experience in this domain with my fellow students.

Second, coffee. I am an aficionado, studying the art and science of making coffee and lattes. I own professional coffee-making equipment that I use daily, and in every new place I visit, I scope out several coffeehouses, trying their coffee and bringing beans home. I hope to continue this tradition and share my passion for coffee with like-minded fellow students in Milan, where the coffee is one of the best in the world. Additionally, I would love to establish a brand-new Coffee Enthusiasts club, organizing informative lectures and coffee-tasting events.

Finally, cooking. I am an amateur chef, have taken a Mediterranean cooking course and practice the art of making dishes from international cuisines a few times a week. I would be happy to host internationally-themed dinner parties in collaboration with classmates from all over the world, and also explore with them the local famous Italian cuisine, which I love.

Prior my university studies, I served as a resource development lead in an intelligence unit where I initiated and developed several applications in an environment virtually identical to that of a high-tech company. Following the army, I worked as a lead software developer for a small educational company for a few months before starting my full-time position as a software developer for a large high-tech company.
As a software developer focusing on the high-tech world for several years, I wanted to expand my horizons in the financial world, which is an additional area of interest for me, as well as to learn the required managerial and business skills I would need in the future. For these reasons, I chose to pursue a degree in business and economics.
My Economics university studies helped me to gain a lot of professional knowledge, from basic concepts to deep corporate analysis and machine-learning techniques. My management studies equipped me with very important key understandings in the business domain – from management concepts such as organizational behavior, through business concepts such as marketing, operations, finance and strategy, all the way to entrepreneurship. I believe my studies were very comprehensive and highly valuable for my personal development in those fields.
The one thing that was lacking was hands-on practical experience in the aforementioned concepts. This is exactly what draws me to SDA BOCCONI. I am eager to dive into the many offerings, including the active methodologies study concept, practicing real case studies in classes, working in group projects, running business simulations, and participating in workshops and seminars. I’m also looking forward to the “Imagine Bocconi” 5-day hackathon and the international business school competitions.

Lifestyle Change

During my army service, I gained a great deal of weight. I often felt tired and unwell, and finally became determined to change my lifestyle. After a few months of hard work, I acclimated to a new way of eating and to regular exercise, and began feeling a lot better. Since then,  I have become passionate about everything related to health and nutrition. I lost and kept off 30 kg with a lot more muscle, and I feel strong and healthy. This massive change in my life taught me that with strong self-belief, persistence and willpower, I can reach for the stars.


The first few projects I led in the army were a true learning experience. I had to lead a team of soldiers who were my age, with little training or prior leadership experience. I chose a collaborative approach for assigning tasks and estimating timelines. The result was a turmoil: my team members fought over the tasks and extensive time was wasted on just planning the assignments. The end results were far from the desired goal and my personal vision.

Determined to improve, I began to better understand each team member’s talents and preferences and to assign the tasks strategically, while maximizing each team member’s motivation and productivity. I also started to keep track of the deadlines. Consequently, those projects were far more successful. It was a huge lesson for me, and I decided to become a leader who expresses his vision and ideas, and orientates and guides his employees, while encouraging them to express their own ideas.  Since then, in every project I have led, I practiced these aspects of leadership.

Communication Skills

Initially shy, upon joining the army, I found myself having to collaborate with soldiers from multiple bases and divisions, and to lecture in front of large audiences. Today, I am excited to meet and talk to new people wherever I go, and to present projects in front of a crowd. I am eager to work together with fellow SDA Bocconi students to develop our communication skills and prepare presentations for our courses.

Analysis and Decision-making

In the army, I practiced on hundreds of analysis case studies to prepare for the difficult decisions I’d be making. Since then, these life-changing skills have enabled me to perform deep and comprehensive analysis for every decision I faced, professionally and personally. I hope to share my experience as part of the “Marketing Analytics,” “Decisions & Uncertainty” and “Predictive Analytics of Big Data” courses.

Technological skills

Since childhood, I have been hooked on technology. I served in elite Intelligence Corps unit, and spent the last 3 years working in high-tech. I would love to share my experiences with classmates of working for a large governmental hi-tech unit, a small startup, and a huge IT company, and to hear other approaches.

Creativity and Innovation

I love to find ways to improve people’s lives, inventing gadgets and creating solutions. In the army I initiated and led several creative projects to help my team of analysts with their day-to-day tasks, including a software project used today by every analyst team in the army – saving over 100 weekly hours of analysts’ work. I continue to think of outside-the-box solutions for problems I am facing and encourage others to do the same.


I can be a little opinionated on my work and personal life. On the one hand, this is an advantage – I have confidence in bringing my own solutions to a problem. On the other hand, sometimes when people offer me solutions, I feel resistance, preferring to stick to my idea. However, after witnessing several cases in which some other ideas proved better than mine, and having a personal feedback talk with my army commander on this issue, I have become sensitized to this issue. I now consciously remind myself to stay open, and to adopt more ideas from others, or to integrate them with my own, which in many cases has improved the projects that I have led.

Time Estimation

As part of my personal desire to perform as best as I can and exceed the expectations of my managers, I sometimes tend to put short deadlines for the projects that I am working on. As a result, I need to work very hard and many long hours to comply with them. I am now working on better gauging what is truly feasible, and requesting a proper number of tasks. From project to project I am improving.

Over the past 6 years, leading complex software development projects and specializing in social media and public opinion data analysis, I have gained critical technological experience and developed my analytical, decision-making and leadership skills. However, before taking on a position that lies at the intersection of technology, business, and innovation, I first wish to grow my business acumen, expand my knowledge of hi-tech business and better understand the product lifecycle from idea to product launch. Also, I want to develop my international professional skills and diverse connections, which could be very important to me at any stage of my future career.

The ability to take on a leadership role in the Tech & Marketing Club will enable me to stay up-to-date with the local tech scene, by visiting global tech hubs and forming relationships with fellow club members. I would also love to share with them my experiences of working in a large governmental hi-tech unit, a small startup, and a large IT company. I would also be thrilled to take part in the ‘Leadership Series’ lectures, in which I believe I’d get some meaningful insights from top world leaders, such as Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO and Howard Schultz, Former President Starbucks, both past key leaders whom I especially admire.

Speaking to a current SDA BOCCONI MBA student, I learned about the many ways to develop myself as an entrepreneur during the MBA. From the elective concentration ‘Expert in Entrepreneurship,’ through the Entrepreneurship Club, to the ‘Path to Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Entrepreneurial Projects’, where I could design, develop and even found a real startup under the supervision of an expert professor, the opportunities are endless.

An MBA is what I need at this point to reach my goals of both personal and professional growth. Without one, it will be much harder and take far longer to acquire the relevant business and entrepreneurial knowledge and experience I need, while developing my leadership style, global viewpoint and interpersonal and professional skills that would contribute to the success of my dream future startup. I’d be required to take on a large number of professional roles and courses that would not be as calibrated to my goals as an MBA would be, and therefore would be much less effective and would take a greater time investment. While other programs might help me to do so, an SDA Bocconi MBA is ideal. With the Career Services team’s guidance and career events, the learning from world-class faculty, joining the diverse campus community, participating in many entrepreneurial activities, and living in Milan, one of the world’s greatest tech hubs, I know that SDA BOCCONI is the perfect place for me to turn my ambitions into reality.

I plan to seek a position as a product manager in a world-leading tech company, such as Google or Amazon. I hope to do so In Italy for two main reasons. The first is professional, as I wish to gain comprehensive professional international experience and connections that would increase my chances to establish a successful international technology startup in the future. The second is personal; I love Italy. I have visited Italy many times and fallen in love with the views, culture, cuisine, music and mindset. Therefore, I would love to stay in Italy for several years, or even move to Italy permanently.

Following my MBA, I plan to seek a position as a product manager in a world-leading tech company. Within a few years, I plan to transition into a VP Product position in a venture-backed start-up, to acquire the proper business management experience I need to eventually found my own startup.

After earning an MBA from SDA-BOCCONI, I plan to use the knowledge and experience I will have gained to achieve my dream of founding an international tech startup that will leverage machine-learning-based research to develop smart insights for businesses. Ultimately, I envision establishing R&D centers in developing countries, contributing to their development, economic growth and quality of life.

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