Danielle Marom

Senior Application Consultant

Danielle has worked with 272 ARINGO candidates and helped over 160 candidates get accepted to all top-10 MBA programs.

Danielle’s clients have been admitted to the MBA programs of Stanford, Harvard, Wharton, Kellogg, INSEAD, Columbia, Chicago, MIT, Berkeley, Duke, NYU, LBS, Cornell, Cornell Tech, UCLA, Yale, Tepper, McCombs, Tuck, UNC, USC, Darden, IE, IESE, ESADE, Oxford, Cambridge, IMD, HEC Paris, Warwck, Imperial, RSM, Rotman, McGill, Fordham, Mannheim, Bayes, HULT, Sauder and many others…

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Born into a multilingual, multicultural atmosphere, Danielle was raised by a Parisian mother and Tunisian father. Subsequent to her studies at an international high school in the US, she went on to earn a B.A. at McGill University in Montreal in Political Science and Environmental Policy.

Danielle has extensive experience in writing and editing and has developed these skills in the private and public sectors, as well as non-profit organizations. Furthermore, she has experience in freelance marketing and communication work for Hi-tech companies specializing in medical technology and environmental consulting.

Danielle has been advising MBA applicants since 2007 and is a Senior Application Consultant with ARINGO. She is greatly fulfilled by her work helping individuals pursue their dreams of studying abroad. Her thoroughness, attentiveness to her clients’ needs and her ability to create a strategy that fits them best, are some of Danielle’s natural traits that make her a talented ARINGO Consultant.

“I like developing an idea and making it as engaging and captivating as possible. The best part is when you transform a thought into something breathtaking.”

Dear All, 

I would like to inform you that yesterday I got a call from HEC…. I got admitted to the School for the January Intake !! :)

I would like to thank you all for making this possibile, you really did a great job, each one of the Aringo team that worked with me was really helpful and valuable. 

Again thank you so much !! 

“Danielle has done a fantastic job, My applications could not be better. She has great insights and she’s a great editor. i would definitely recommend her for psychology applicants in the future.”

“Everything is going GREAT with Danielle, She is perfect! I’m very happy with Danielle’s availability and professionalism. she replies to every mail I send her within 24 hours, answers every question I have thoroughly. I must tell you- i am a very critical person, and I have NOTHING critical to say about Danielle!“

“I got accepted to Columbia and I’m very pleased. Danielle was very good. Like I said in the previous conversation, she really helped me with the resume and the recommendations.”

“Danielle has been amazing and such a great help – so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. Even if it takes me some time to find work in Paris I know have a CV and cover letter that’s of a much higher standard than before. Been a most worthwhile investment.”

“To Danielle Marom and the entire amazing staff of ARINGO,
Thank you so much for your part in helping chase, and fulfill, my dream and for shepherding me through this long and exhausting process.
Supporting a top-tier MBA application is a delicate mixture of professional direction and psychological mentoring, and Danielle really me championed through it, strengthening my confidence and allowing me to be the best applicant I could be, helping me take the first steps of a life-changing experience.
Next year I will attend Kellogg, one of my very few R1 application schools, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.
ARINGO – you have a huge share in my success and I thank you.
Tal, 2015 Kellogg MBA”

“To Danielle and the amazing ARINGO Team,
Thanks very much for all the support and guidance you have provided throughout the application process, which most can agree is one very stressful period of 3-4 months. Everyone at ARINGO has been very prompt and professional with his/her response and that is just the kind of team you need to work with while multi tasking with applications, work and other activities. Danielle’s commitment and dedication to making sure I received timely feedback and smart suggestions was second to none and her patience to deal with me (I know I can be quite particular about the smallest seemingly useless details!) ensured I was satisfied with all my application submissions. Even the support for the interview – that Shay provided – was exceptional. He took his time to hear me out and really understand the areas I could improve upon. Prithvi also gave me very valuable insight into my application as a whole.
All in all thanks again for all your help and hope to meet you someday. For now, looking forward to Harvard Business School.”

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Danielle Marom. She has put a lot of effort in my application to INSEAD, and my personal story was reflected in the essays in the best way I can imagine!
One point that is, to my mind, the most important one about Danielle is her commitment. Though she was heading to the US for a private vacation towards the application deadline, she’s still polished my essays up until a few hours before her flight. As a customer, the time before the application deadline is the most sensitive one, a time when although the application is 99.9% done, you feel you can’t really settle for less than a 100%.
I can’t think of something more I’d expect from a consultant. I hope for you that all of ARINGO’s consultants have Danielle’s commitment and attention to their applicants :)”

“After a long journey that lasted over a year, I submitted yesterday the application for Columbia, the last program i’m applying this year.
Although the journey isn’t over yet, i feel and want to thank my best companion through the process.
You probably know her :) Its Danielle!
Let me start by saying that she is the BEST!!
I have no doubt that my application would not have been so amazing without her.
She always knows how to best approach each essay, what’s the right location of every word, and how to add each question the final winning touch!
Of course, I’ll thank her personally when this journey will end, and no matter what the results will be, I know that Danielle did an excellent job and i’m deeply appreciate all the efforts and the work she invested until the small hours at night.
I think that when a person works hard he deserve the recognition and Danielle totally earned it!”

“I’ve just submitted my MIT application, closing (for now, hopefully) a few months of process.

When Shimri first introduced Danielle, he said she’s amazing – well’ that’s a huge understatement. Truth is, it’s easy to say she’s professional, experienced and super-detailed, but to me, it was her attitude that helped me push forward. She knows when to drive you, when to hold back a bit, and how to provide the feedback that I NEED for every product on the way – doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of the night or Friday morning – and to describe her POV to get everything into the right proportions when different opinions came up from other consultants.

Above all – SHE CARES. she really does. I always felt like the only candidate in the world, and that says it all.

I feel that I couldn’t ask for a better mentor for this process, I’m proud of our end-products, each of them – and I had fun along the way.”

“Today I have compleated the initial application to INSEAD, regardless of the result of the application, I am really happy about how we worked with Danielle and with ARINGO in general! Danielle is super, overall I am really happy of the reuslt of the essay we wrote.”