Derin Raji

Derin Raji

Senior Consultant
Harvard Business School graduate

Derin Raji

ARINGO clients who worked with Derin were admitted to the MBA programs at HBS, HKS, Wharton, MIT, Rice.

Derin has a decade of Engineering and Project Management experience in the Energy industry working at Shell and Schlumberger; has worked in Policy for the Governor of Alabama, in Strategy for Alcoa and supported taking R&D technologies to market at the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Project Agency-Energy.

Derin holds a Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Policy, from Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School of Government respectively; a Master of Technology from Curtin University of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from University of Oklahoma. She has helped several candidates get admitted into HBS, Stanford, HKS, Wharton, Columbia, London Business School, Duke, INSEAD, Cambridge, MIT Sloan and more.


Clients’ quotes:

Everything has been great. I love your insights. They are always one level deeper than my own. Also, you’ve been super quick with feedback so I appreciate that.

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