Keren Berler

Senior Consultant
Columbia Business School graduate

Keren is the techno-marketing director at Atreo. She holds an MBA from Columbia Business School (2012) where she focused on finance, strategy, healthcare and non-profit. She has successfully helped many applicants earn admission in various top schools.

Prior to CBS, Keren was a Strategy and Finance consultant at TASC Consulting and Capital in Tel-Aviv, focusing on telecom, media, transportation and retail. Upon graduation, she spent three years in Investment Banking at J.P. Morgan’s Healthcare group and at Edgemont Capital, a boutique investment bank in NYC.

Keren Berler

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Keren holds a B.A. with distinction in Economics and Communications from Tel-Aviv University. Outside of the professional sphere, Keren is passionate about community service and has volunteered in many organizations such as Different Economy, Nova and Mind Matter.