Ross Yesikov

Senior Consultant
Kellogg graduate

ARINGO clients who worked with Ross were admitted to MIT, Duke, Kellogg, Haas, UNC, Cornell, UCLA, Michigan, Notre Dame, UCI, UF.

Ross has graduated the Kellogg two-years combined MBA + MEM (MMM) program in 2012. Ross was also accepted to Tuck, Darden, Ross Michigan and Cornell.

During and after Kellogg, Ross guided multiple people through the MBA process to a successful admission into Kellogg, Berkeley, Stanford, Stern, Columbia, Tuck, Booth,  UCLA, MIT, Darden and many more.

Ross Yesikov

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Ross has a background varying from software engineering, to starting several internet-based companies in Israel and in the US, to managing the telecommunications portfolio at Cisco.

Currently he’s working as a Senior Director for Ad Product Management at Cardlytics and occasionally lectures at Stanford graduate school.