Sriram Emani

Senior Consultant with ARINGO since 2014
MIT Sloan graduate

Sriram has worked with 154 ARINGO clients. ARINGO clients who worked with Sriram were admitted to MBA programs at Stanford, Harvard, Chicago, Kellogg, MIT Sloan, Columbia, Wharton, NYU, Yale, INSEAD, Berkeley Haas, London Business School, Duke, Ross, UCLA, UNC, USC, Tuck, Tepper, Darden, Cornell Johnson, Cornell Tech, Kelley, Georgetown, Emory, Olin, Owen, Babson, UC Irvine, Cambridge, Oxford, IE, IESE, ESADE, HEC, Bocconi, Queens, Miami, Foster, Boston College, HULT, UF, Northeastern U, Rice, Rotman, McGill, Schulich and many others with the following scholarships:

Duke – $50,000 ; Wharton – $130,000 ; Columbia – $40,000 ; Yale – $30,000 ; Wharton – $100,000 ; Tuck – $40,000 ; Haas – $50,000 ; Owen – $160,000 ; UNC – $80,000 ; Cornell – $50,000 ; NYU – $20,000 ; Foster – $100,000 ; Duke – $100,000 ; Wharton – $100,000 ; HULT – $20,000 ; Yale – $140,000 ; Chicago – $80,000 ; Owen – $50,000 ; NYU – $20,000 ; USC – $80,000 ; UCLA – $120,000 ; NYU – $50,000 ; Haas – $60,000 ; Cornell – $15,000 ; NYU – $20,000 ; Duke – $30,000 ; Tepper – $15,000 

Sriram Emani

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Sriram Emani is the Founder and CEO of IndianRaga, which he founded when he was a student at MIT. He is a 2015 Global Fellow with the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA), where he was the only Indian out of 52 Fellows from across the world. Under his leadership, IndianRaga has grown into one of the largest networks of talented musicians and dancers globally, invited to perform at iconic platforms like HowdyModi, United Nations General Assembly, among others. Previously, Sriram worked as a Strategy Fellow with the President of Lincoln Center, New York City, and with the President of Global Digital Business at Sony Music, New York City. He also started the marketing and business development team at the National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in Mumbai, and was a Consultant to Disney Theatrical Group.

Sriram was selected amongst the first batch of 12 Tata Fellows at the MIT Tata Center for Technology and Design. He is an alumnus of the MIT Sloan School of Management (Class of 2014) where he was 1 out of 5 students to be awarded the prestigious Siebel Scholarship for academic excellence and leadership. Sriram is also an alumnus of the IIT Bombay, where he was the recipient of the institute’s highest honors for leadership and cultural excellence. He has been invited to speak about his journey with IndianRaga at TEDx, Indic Thoughts Festival, Bangalore International Center, amongst others.

Sriram’s verified reviews:

gmat club

I think Sriram is just amazing. His detailed feedback on each of my essays is truly exceptional. I truly like how honest he is with his review and I think that it is really important because I see with over 7 drafts for my resume, for instance, I still feel “Oh wait! Sriram may not be happy with this.” I think he really pushes me to craft the essays or LOR or resume as per “Sriram standards”. 

“I wanted to commend Sriram on all of his hard work and effort, my application is likely a 500% improvement over what I would have submitted without his help. He was extremely personable and did an excellent job communicating my weak points, for instance in one of my essays I included several industry-specific technical terms and he referred me to a documentary where Henry Kissinger couldn’t figure out how to use the speaker on his phone, and stated that I should pretend that I am writing for him. Even the executives in my company are relatively technical, so I was in the habit of phrasing on those terms and forgot that not everyone would understand these. This was memorable for me and I will remember this in my career going forward.”

“Sriram did an amazing job giving me feedback on my essays. He completed his comments in a very timely manner and they were extremely detailed to help me make edits. I appreciated his ability to be flexible with my timeline as well. I was admitted to Stanford GSB, Berkeley Haas, NYU Stern, and UNC Kenan-Flagler. Thank you again for all your help.”

“I have loved working with Sriram, he has really pushed me and has been incredibly available.”

“I am VERY happy! I know, I honestly wasn´t expecting to be accepted into the US programs because of my low GMAT. But Sriram helped me a lot with my essay and CV, consequently that helped me to put a lot of my ideas into perspective.”

“Sriram, I know I’ve said it countless times, but it’s worth saying it again – THANK YOU! You have been nothing less than fantastic throughout this process, especially over the stressful last few weeks. I am beyond proud of each application. You have helped me craft my story in a marvelous manner.”

“Sriram is very professional and succinct in addressing the changes in essays. Happy to work with him.”

“Thanks for all the assistance in the process, especially the support from Sriram; he made me believe an admit to Oxford was possible even though my GMAT score was in the lower limit for the program.  Excited to recommend ARINGO to all my contacts in need of a hand in the MBA application process.” 

“I have successfully submitted my application to 3 colleges. I really did not think this would have been possible given the short timelines. Thank you Shimri for guiding me with the schools and pushing me to submit at the earliest. :)

Sriram has short turnaround times and has worked at odd hours to help me with my deadline. He was able to get my TD done at the last minute too. I had to push myself to keep up with him :)  Thanks for all that !”