Former Head of Wharton Admissions joins ARINGO ARINGO consultants are the top in the world!

Former Head of the Wharton Admissions Committee has joined ARINGO!

Thomas Caleel, the former head of the Wharton Admissions committee, has joined ARINGO as a special admissions consultant.

Mr. Caleel’s joining is done within the process of reinforcing the ARINGO team with members of the top MBA community, a process which started with the joining of Moshe Safaty, former member of Chicago MBA Admissions Committee as ARINGO Managing partner and Shimri Winters, former senior member of the London Business School Admissions Committee as head of the ARINGO strategy team.

Mr. Caleel, a Wharton MBA graduate himself, served as Head of the Wharton Admission Committee for three and a half years. He started his cooperation with ARINGO while he was working for Wharton and we are delighted he has no chosen to join us.

Mr. Caleel’s advice will be available to clients.

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