Duke Fuqua, one of the best and top-ranked MBA programs in the world, has agreed that the class of 2023 (total students: 447) is the strongest and most diverse class ever. The cohort comprises of 47% international students (nearly half of the class) and 48% women. The average GMAT of the class has risen from 702 to 713 (highest ever). The percentage of underrepresented minority students has also gone up.

As visible, the diversity is across all the dimensions in the new class, a small surprise in the COVID era!

For the Fall 2022 applications, Duke Fuqua MBA admissions have made certain changes in its process. While the essays have not been changed, the word limit of the second long essay has increased from 300 to 500 words. The school wanted to be sure applicants had the space needed to be able to explain not just what activities or groups they want to be involved in, but why they want to be involved in these specific activities. Duke wants to encourage applicants to research, reach out to current students, alumni, schedule chats with admissions reps and attend events. The idea is to motivate applicants to learn as much as possible about Fuqua and articulate why they believe Fuqua is the right choice for them.

With regards to the interview, as in previous years, both applicant-initiated interviews and interviews by invitation are available as per the published deadlines. Any Fuqua candidate can schedule an official admissions interview during the Open Period, no matter which application round they choose. The way to do this is to start an online application, select an interview time, and upload a resume. One needs to complete the full application to have an interview!

Fuqua requires only unofficial transcripts and self-reported test scores at the time of application. And for international candidates, there is no need for an English proficiency test (so no TOEFL/IELTS is needed).

Reapplicants can send a cloning request to the Fuqua team to save time. By this, the team can replicate the application from last year. All reapplicants need to mention what they’ve learned and how things have changed since their last application.

Finally, all the events/campus visits/info sessions will be held virtual-only.

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Source: https://blogs.fuqua.duke.edu/duke-mba/2021/08/11/allison-jamison/this-years-application-changes-and-advice?campaign=000000&utm_campaign=DAYMBA_22002-1&utm_source=intADM&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=RecruitingUpdate