New for the fall 2023 application cycle is a required video essay to discuss your post-MBA goals.

We know this is an important component of your decision to attend business school. We take it seriously as well.

Please describe your post-MBA career goals.

It would be helpful to consider the following information in your response:

  • You have up to 2 minutes to respond to this question.
  • Please be as specific as possible. If you have not yet identified specific companies, that is okay. Just tell us what interests you for your next role or company. What about the industry, company, or functional role is appealing to you?
  • If you have any criteria you are using to evaluate career opportunities, please share those as well. We may have great opportunities to add to your list.
  • How does this post-MBA career goal relate to your long-term career plan?


Video Essay – Goals

Now, let’s hear directly from you! We know that your career goals are an important part of your decision to attend business school, and we are excited to hear them. Please describe your post-MBA career goals. You have up to 2 minutes to respond to this question.

The recording process is as follows:

1. Select ‘Start Test’ below to begin the video recording process. Be sure to read the steps here and on the next screen carefully. You will be given one test attempt prior to recording your first response.

2. After the test, you will be prompted to start your first recording. Once ready, the recording will start immediately after you select ‘Start Recording’ button OR automatically 90 seconds after selecting ‘Ready’. The recording will end when you select ‘Stop Recording’ OR automatically 90 seconds after it begins.

3. If you are satisfied with your recording, select ‘Continue’ to save and move onto the next section of the application. If you are NOT satisfied with your first recording, you can select ‘Start Over’ to re-record your video. You will be allowed to re-record your video a maximum of two (2) more times; however, note that once you choose to re-record, previous attempts will be erased.

4. If you choose to re-record your video, you will have to go through the testing process each time. Read the instructions on each screen prior to starting the test and note that it will list ‘Testing Mode’ in the header during the testing phase.

5. If you do not select to submit one of your first two recordings, your final recording will automatically be submitted on your behalf.