Yesterday’s post on HBS’ admissions blog sheds light on the way their admissions committee views candidates’ GMAT/GRE scores.

First of all, Harvard emphasized that they accept both exams with no preference for either one, though candidates must choose one and cannot submit scores from both exams. Upon applying, candidates must enter an unofficial score, while the official score can arrive at the school post-deadline.

In addition, Harvard published statistics that of 935 accepted last year, 844 candidates applied with GMAT scores and only 81 with GRE scores, while 10 applicants applied with a score from both exams.

In terms of the score, Harvard focuses less on the general score and more on the different parts of the exam in relation to the candidate’s profile.  For example, an engineer with a strong quantitative background does not need a strong score in the test’s quantitative section to prove his or her mathematical capability, but a different candidate lacking an academic or professional quantitative background will need a strong score in the quantitative section to balance out his or her profile.

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Put Me in Business (applying in more than a year)