An article on reveals which industries are booming this year, and which MBA specializations are recommended in order to start a career in these industries. According to the 2018 GMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey, hiring demand globally is strongest among healthcare, technology, and energy companies.

Here’s five MBA specializations to consider for 2019:

1. Technology

One of the most difficult skills to recruit for this year is big data analysis, according to the Financial Times 2018 MBA Skills Gap survey. In a recent CarringtonCrisp survey of more than 1,200 MBA candidates, technology management was the second-most popular module (behind leadership skills).

2. Finance

A popular option for MBAs—around 22% end up in this career. Well-paid, with plenty of global opportunities (a recent study showed 84% of millennials were willing to relocate to advance their career), finance is a great choice for candidates who are ambitious but also want stability.

3. Entrepreneurship

Today many students are running their own businesses at a young age—or at least have a killer idea for one. Many business schools help develop students’ ventures, with incubator hubs for startups.

4. Marketing

Marketing has always been a popular career choice, but a recent report from McKinlay says that demand for traditional marketers in the US has grown by 79% in the past year. In addition, digital marketing is skyrocketing—the same report claims it’s the most-hired-for US role in 2018—so it may be a good time to study for that MBA in marketing.

5. Healthcare Management

The healthcare industry is booming – in the US alone, studies show that between 2016 and 2026, 2.4 million new jobs will be created in the sector. In developed countries there’s an ageing population and more chronic conditions, leading to a demand for healthcare managers.