ARINGO team,

You without a doubt have a crucial part in my acceptance to study at UCLA.

Many others have testified to your professionalism, and I certainly agree with every word written about it; But an equally important thing I want to emphasize is the honesty you have manifested all along: the first time I contacted you, you made it clear to me that along with the many advantages of an MBA abroad, there are also disadvantages, and you asked me to think hard if it the appropriate track for me; when I debated the choice of schools, you made sure to clarify for me the chance of admissions and you helped me make a wise and judicious decision that has proven itself; and while working on the application you knew to tell me that “it’s still not good enough “even if it was not really what I wanted to hear.

All in all, working with you has allowed me to make informed decisions, extract from myself the most, and most importantly – to be successful.

Thank you,