At this time of year, many Round 1 applicants receive notification that they have been waitlisted, which means their candidacy will be weighed against applicants from the next rounds. This is disappointing for some applicants and the start of a nerve-wracking wait. What will you do at this time to improve your chances and strengthen your candidacy?

Here are some tips:

1. Take the GMAT again if you think there’s some chance you can improve your grade significantly.

2. Visit the campus and request, in advance, a (second) interview with an admissions officer.

3. Get a couple more support emails from students/professors/alumni. Email them to the admissions office.

4. Write a cover letter to the head of admissions detailing recent, significant, positive developments in your career / life (GMAT improvement, new job, promotion, distinctions) and restating your strong interest in the program.

5. If the school doesn’t object to additional recommendation letters, get an additional recommendation letter. If there was a significant development in your career (new employer, promotion, distinction) – you can get an additional recommendation letter covering this new development.

6. If the school allows additional essays, select a topic that adds information beyond your original application and write a new essay.

Good luck to all those waiting!

Put Me in Business (applying in less than a year)
Put Me in Business (applying in more than a year)