Welcome to ARINGO!

You made a smart choice to work with us! Here are some details to guide you as we start this journey together…

The ARINGO process

Throughout the process, you will have one point of contact, your primary consultant. She/he will accompany you throughout the process.

During the process, your consultant will collaborate with other members of the ARINGO team as your materials move from one phase to the next.  They also engage this group when advice is needed about a specific school or essay question.

The entire process (the “full MBA school package”) includes:

  • High-Level Strategy roundtable – The strategy team will provide feedback on your strengths and weaknesses, career goals plan, school recommendations, key themes for the application, etc. This feedback is delivered through our portal via your consultant.
  • Internal QA on your essays – Each document you and your primary consultant produce will be reviewed by one of our expert consultants.
  • Test Drive – Each MBA school application, will be reviewed by a school specialist.
  • Interview prep – Once you receive an interview, the ARINGO team will support you with prep material and 2 prep sessions for each school that invites you to an interview.

Important note: if you are a full package client, all of the above is included in your package! Otherwise, If you chose to work on an hourly basis, you will be billed for the time your consultant and other consultants spend on your materials. If you don’t want to go through some or all of the stages above, please alert your consultant in advance. Contact your consultant for any questions or deliberations in that matter.

Another important note: Each of these reviews (QA, TD) takes time. Your consultant knows this, but we want you to know this too! Leave plenty of time before the deadlines for these reviews.

The ARINGO system

By now, you should have received your login details to your client interface on our system. If you haven’t, please contact us ([email protected]).


At the bottom of the screen, you can see the list of MBA programs you are working on. If you click on any one of them, you will get to the school screen, where you can see all the docs associated with this school (essays, LORs, and additional information needed for each school). On this screen, you can upload docs and send them to your consultant.
At the bottom, you can see the actual essays, LORs, and additional information requirements for that school, and for some schools, a link to the school buzz with inside info on that school.


Here you can track your billing, and see a detailed history of all your charges.

If you are working hourly and want to put a time limit on your consultant work, it is your responsibility to track the time and stop the work when you reach the limit.

For any questions regarding billing and payment methods, contact [email protected].

Advice as you start this journey

Do your homework! Yes, your consultant is going to be an amazing guide, but you should be able to draw out important parts of each program that stand out to you and compliment your background, experience, and goals.

Attend webinars (even if they are on in the background while you work), talk to current students, engage with admission teams and make sure to take notes!  Note who you spoke with or lead a session on something you are really excited about (student life, clubs, traditions, favorite classes/faculty).

Have an open mind.  It takes a lot to put yourself out there and apply to top MBA programs… it also takes a lot of work!  ARINGO’s team values your story and experiences, but we may also challenge you to think a bit further, consider a new approach, or try a different story.  ARINGO has been around for 18 years, we know MBA admissions, trust that your consultant has your best interests at heart.

Research resources at your disposal

Now let’s get started!

We value customer service and satisfaction.
If you ever have an issue, please feel free to reach out to [email protected]