MBA applicants invest great effort in deciding which program fits them best. Aside from considering a program’s rank and areas of expertise, many also weigh the atmosphere at the school, nature of the program, and teaching style. Within its ranking of the top MBA program in 2012, Businessweek also included a survey of 2012 alumni about different aspects of MBA programs.

One of these aspects was teamwork, and the students were asked to rank their program’s approach to teamwork between 1-poor and 6-exceptional. The average grade for all the programs was 5.07, with the top spot going to Queen’s in Ontario, Canada.

At Queen’s, team-based learning is a main emphasis. At the start, the students are split into groups of 6 or 7 students, with whom they tackle all the required courses. Each group is assigned a conference room stocked with supplies and a professional coach for group support and feedback.

The second spot was occupied by ESADE in Spain where teamwork is also emphasized. There, the students are divided into new study groups each semester.
The rest of the ranking:

3- IMD
4- Kellogg
5- Tuck
6- Cornell
7- Duke
8- Michigan State
9- NYU
10- Tepper

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