Harvard published a first look at the profile of its 2015 class that will very soon embark on its studies, emphasizing that there are usually those who will choose not to attend, freeing spots for applicants from the waiting list.

Harvard received 9,315 applications (as opposed to 8,963 last year), and accepted 941 candidates (as opposed to 913 last year)- acceptance rate of 12% (last year’s was 13%). The school’s yield remains 90%.
In terms of class make-up, 41% are women (a record in the school’s history) and 35% are foreign students from 60 countries, with the average age at 27. The average GMAT grade for students is 730 with a range of 550-780.

Considering academic background, 43% come from a background of economics/business administration, 39% from exact sciences, and 18% from the social sciences.

In terms of employment background, 19% hail from consulting, 16% from VC/PE, and 14% from financial services.

Put Me in Business (applying in less than a year)
Put Me in Business (applying in more than a year)