The site Poets & Quants reports on a survey conducted by Universum USA that checked which companies top the lists of MBA graduates seeking jobs. The survey included 3,739 students at 135 top programs in the U.S. and lasted December-March 2013. As part of the survey, students were asked to choose the five companies from a list of 175 at which they would most like to work after graduation.

For the seventh time in a row, Google was chose as the most sought-after employer by MBA graduates with 23.4% of students including it in their top five. Google offers a wide range of positions for MBA graduates- product management, sales, finances, marketing, and operations.

In the survey’s second spot was McKinsey (16.6% of those surveyed included it in their top five) that hires the largest amount of MBA alumni every year. Apple took the third spot, with Amazon in fourth and BCG in fifth.

Rounding out the top ten were Bain, Nike, Walt Disney, Deloitte, and Goldman Sachs.

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