An MBA program with a specialization in Corporate Strategy and Consulting enables the student to actively and critically learn and apply business strategy concepts to diagnose, manage, design, and change the commonly faced challenges by the enterprises. Concepts of consulting further train the candidates with a strong understanding of strategic approaches for managing consulting projects and clients. A deep understanding of the social, legal, political, and economic or contract-based transactions that are involved in the strategy-making initiatives of the firms are imparted to the candidates, leading them to get recruited into tp consulting firms such as McKinsey, BCG or Bain as well as corporate strategy roles in all the major companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and more.

It is important to mention that nearly all top MBA programs have many strategy courses and many recruiters recruiting strategy consultants, not just the ones that have a specific strategy specialization. For example, 48% of INSEAD’s alumni work in strategy consulting, despite not having a strategy specialization

There are many skills needed from a candidate wanting to pursue MBA programs that have a specialization in Corporate Strategy and Consulting.

  • Skill to integrate areas like marketing, operations, finance, etc. with the corporate strategy
  • Ability to use structured decision analysis
  • Ability to compare competitive and economic effects of different types of strategies
  • Impeccable communication and networking skills
  • Creative bent to translate problem statements to business solutions

This specialization is extremely popular as consulting is one of the most common career goals of MBA students.

The curriculum for this specialization includes:

  1. Growth and innovation strategy
  2. Framework and tools for internal and external analysis
  3. Relationship between the different strategic management concepts and consulting strategies
  4. International Management
  5. Corporate Strategy
  6. Strategy and Technology
  7. Standards of Global Competition

Graduates from top business schools with this specialization can grab jobs like- consulting in several fields (operations, sales, marketing, real estate, HR, etc.), research and development manager, business consultant in strategic management, etc.

Here is the list of top MBA programs with a specialization in Corporate Strategy: