Harvard posted an update on its admissions committee blog ahead of their Round 2 notifications today:

“Plan is to send emails out at noon on Thursday. Congratulatory calls will follow, but we don’t do admissions notification via phone.

A few things:


  • HBS doesn’t make any financial aid awards at the time of admission. So don’t feel slighted that you don’t see any $$ mentioned. We have (very) generous financial aid available to our students – both US and international citizens – but it’s all need-based. One more thing about financial aid: it’s not a “rolling” process – as in, we don’t run out of need-based money. Round 3 admits have access to exactly the same resources as Round 1.
  • The waitlist. Yes, there will be waitlist invitations going out on Thursday. I know for sure we are going to use the waitlist – probably beginning in early May and trying to wrap it up by early June. My guess is we’ll be able to make somewhere between 25 and 50 offers to waitlisters – some from Round 1 and some from Round 2 – in addition to the 50 or so we made earlier this month. At this point, this is a guess – Dana Scalisi will keep waitlisters updated.
  • Feedback for denied candidates post-interview. I carve out time to respond to calls from candidates who have been through the interview process. These calls are rarely dramatic – and I am resolved to not be prescriptive about the future. The vast majority are reassurance that it wasn’t anything that is or went wrong…but simply the challenge of comprising a class rich in diversity of backgrounds and perspectives. Details about phone hours will be in the decision letter.”

Put Me in Business (applying in less than a year)

Put Me in Business (applying in more than a year)