MIT Sloan is one of the top ranked business schools in the US and in the world. ARINGO conducted a short interview with Tommaso Canetta, Associate Director at MIT Sloan Admissions, to learn more about the school and its MBA program:

Q: What is special about your MBA program? In addition to its’ excellent reputation, what differentiates it from other Top MBA programs?
A: MIT Sloan is a unique place. Our one-semester core allows students the flexibility to customize their education to meet their career goals. MIT Sloan’s hands-on Action Learning Labs give students the opportunity to apply the theory learned in the classroom to helping organizations solve business challenges. MIT Sloan’s small class size and tightly knit community appeal to applicants and students alike.


Q: Has the COVID-19 situation have an impact on getting accepted to the programs at your school? Is there any other impact candidates should be aware of?

A: No changes to acceptance. We will accept the online versions of GMAT/GRE.


Q: Can you share some details about the atmosphere in the school? Amongst the students? Between students and faculty? How do students spend their free time?

A: The student body as a whole is very collaborative. You will work on assigned teams starting in your first semester. You will come to know everyone in your class, and be together for academic, team and social events! There are many opportunities to collaborate across programs through classes, clubs, conferences and different centers on campus. You will get to know professors not only inside the classroom but outside the classroom as well.

All MIT Sloan faculty are easily accessible.  The professors are very open, and students feel comfortable approaching them in their offices and asking about career advice, project ideas, etc.  MIT Sloan faculty serve as mentors and advisors to student teams, travel with students on study tours, and provide networking contacts during job searches.

There are more than 70 student organizations and clubs at MIT Sloan with membership numbers ranging from 12 to 400+. Student leaders of these clubs organize networking events, invite guest speakers, and plan conferences. There are also sports clubs, which compete within the MIT intramural system. If there is not already a student organization at MIT Sloan that suits your interests, you are encouraged to explore the more than 450 clubs organized under the MIT Association of Student Activities, or propose a new club!

Q: Can you share some details about the area the school is located in?

A: Located in the Kendall Square neighborhood of Cambridge, Massachusetts – a hub for technology, innovation, and healthcare.

Q: Can you share some details regarding job opportunities and summer internships for students in your school?

A: MIT Sloan students accepted full-time and internship opportunities at over 250 companies.  In 2018-2019, our top industries were Consulting, Technology, and Finance.  Across all industries, 30% of students accepted positions that had a strong technology component to the role.  The median base salary was $135,000, and the range of base salary was $50,000-$250,000.

For a complete summary of employment statistics, including salary information by industry and function, and a full list of employers, view our MBA Employment Report.  You may also wish to review the 10-Year Employment Summary, which tracks top industries in which MBAs accepted employment over the past 10 years.


Q: What is it that you are looking for in a candidate? Who will especially enjoy this school? who will be a good fit to the school?

A: We seek students whose personal characteristics demonstrate that they will make the most of the incredible opportunities at MIT, both academic and non-academic. We are on a quest to find those whose presence will enhance the experience of other students. We seek thoughtful leaders with exceptional intellectual abilities and the drive and determination to put their stamp on the world. We welcome people who are independent, authentic, and fearlessly creative — true doers. We want people who can redefine solutions to conventional problems, and strive to preempt unconventional dilemmas with cutting-edge ideas. We demand integrity and respect passion.

The Admissions Committee looks for applicants with demonstrated academic excellence, proven personal achievement, and strong self-motivation to make an impact and to inspire, no matter where they are in an organization.


Q: Are later rounds worth considering?

A: There may be some advantages to applying as early as possible, although applicants should apply when their application has been completed to the best of their ability. International applicants should apply in Round 1 or Round 2.


Q: Can you tell us more about funding – scholarship/fellowship options in your school?

A: All applicants will be considered for merit-based fellowships as part of the admissions process. There is no separate application required to be considered.