With Covid19, the way the world functions have changed and it has certainly impacted the MBA applications, as well. From virtual recruitment to changing demographics, to GMAT waivers, here are five predicted MBA admission trends for 2022 and what they mean for your application.

  • Competition remains strong:
    This fall cycle is as competitive as the last year. Though the number of international deferrals will be low in comparison to last time, more students are applying to B schools to gain the right skillsets for turning their true passions into reality.
  • Standardized Tests are still important:
    While many schools started giving GMAT waivers (see: Top MBAs that are offering GMAT-Waivers) in the last cycle (and some are still giving), the importance of the exam can’t be ignored. Especially with the introduction of online GMAT/GRE, created in response to the pandemic, these tests are more accessible than ever. Taking a standardized test remains one of the best ways to show that one is academically ready for the program you’re applying to.
  • Virtual Events are a new norm:
    The schools are more actively participating in both third-party events and their own. The rise of virtual recruitment events over the last 18 months has made it easier to take a look around campus and speak to alumni. This makes selecting an international school far more accessible and means that business schools are interacting with their prospective students more than ever. The school’s admission team also sees this as a way of connecting with the students around the world and knowing them better.
  • More diverse candidates are applying:
    The schools are expected to see more women, underrepresented minorities, and non-business background candidates. These candidates feel more empowered than ever and are self-motivated to seek positions where they can influence real change and the business degree is one of the means to do so. Also due to social movements like BLM, it is expected to have an increasingly diverse applicant pool. Not only the cohort but there is also an uptick in applicants for impact or purpose-oriented career paths. One can expect to share the classroom with peers from a broader range of backgrounds than ever, adding new perspectives to discussions and group work.
  • Upsurge in re-applicants:
    The number of re-applicants will upsurge. This can be because the 2021 cycle was super competitive and not everyone could get admission to their dream schools. These candidates will add to the 2022 cycle and hence the competition will remain quite intense.

All in all, we feel that if applicants get accepted to their dream MBA class in 2022, they will have a chance to study in a much more diverse and highly intellectual class than in previous years.

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Source: www.ARINGO.com