GMAC has announced some changes in the GMAT™ online exam, which will further align it with the test center exam.

Four Key Enhancements Starting on April 8:

  • View your unofficial score immediately: Leave the suspense for the movies. See your score on screen after completing your exam so you can plan your next steps.
  • Select your section order: Choose which section order to take the exam in, just like the test center exam.
  • Take two 8-minute optional breaks: Why have one break when you can have two?
  • Write your Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA): Show off your analytical writing skills to your target programs.

Dates to know:

  • February 17: Registration opens for the enhanced GMAT™ online exam.
    Save the date. Register beginning February 17 for appointments April 8 and beyond.
  • Now through April 7: Current online exam is available.
    Still here. You can confidently continue to meet your business school goals with the current online exam.