Here are several important reminders for your application process. Some of them may seem obvious, but we thought to make sure you are all aware of them:


  • Open the school applications – create an account and open online applications for all schools you are applying to. Go over the application and make sure there are no surprises. If you are not sure about something, discuss with your consultant.
  • Fill out the recommenders in the online applications – your recommenders will get an email with instructions. Make sure your recommenders know what to do, and that they have to submit their recommendations by the deadline. Make sure your recommendations are not submitted from your computer or IP as schools may find this suspicious…
  • Get your university undergrad transcripts – Most applications require to upload a proof of your undergraduate degree + a scan of unofficial transcripts, but if you are admitted you will have to provide the official transcripts.
  • Consider adding more schools for back up purposes – it’s OK to shoot for the stars, but applying to 1-2 additional “safety” schools may be wise.
  • Make sure your Linkedin profile is updated – it should correlate to the CV you will be sending to the schools. All of your other social media profiles should be “clean” and present the best version of you, since adcom members may look at them.


Good luck!