Stanford’s MBA program accepted 398 new students who embarked on their studies last month (out of 6,716 applications submitted, acceptance rate of 6%). Stanford emphasized that their class profile varies year to year, and they accept students on an individual basis and not according to any categories or quotas. It seems they do not aim for a specific profile in advance, meaning that the current profile does not testify to admission chances for next year.

Some interesting facts:

This year showed a peak of 42% for international students, who came from 53 countries outside of the U.S. Thirty-five percent of the class are women.

In terms of academic background, there was an increase in students with backgrounds in engineering and exact sciences (37%) and social sciences (46%), and a decrease in students with a B.A. in business management (17%).

Average years of professional experience rose a bit to 4.2, a high for the last decade, with the range of
experience at 0-14.1 years.

In terms of area of professional background, 18% come from consulting, 17% from PE/VC, 12% from financial services, and a similar percentage from the public sector.

The average GMAT score for the 2014 class is 729 (ranging 550-790) with an average TOEFL grade of 112 (a range 102-120).

Put Me in Business (applying in less than a year)
Put Me in Business (applying in more than a year)