Tuck Tops Economist's 2011 MBA Ranking

Tuck Tops Economist’s 2011 MBA Ranking

The Economist published its 2011 ranking of MBA programs around the world. Tuck, ranked first, and Chicago, ranked second, switched places from last year’s ranking.
The Economist’s ranking, considered relatively unusual and surprising, considers four elements when evaluating a program: availability of new career opportunities (35%), personal development and educational experience (35%), salary increase (20%) and potential of the alumni network (10%).
The ranking’s surprises include LBS ranked at only 13, Wharton at 15, Kellogg at 18, and INSEAD only at 19, while IMD ranked third in the world, Darden fourth, and York ninth!
With the ranking, the magazine also reported that the yield on investment in an MBA degree decreased significantly in the past 5 years, especially at schools not included in their top 15.
The rest of the top ten after Tuck and Chicago:

Put Me in Business (applying in less than a year)
Put Me in Business (applying in more than a year)

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